2015 Hibiscus Half Marathon Training Plan

This was my training plan for the Hibiscus Half Marathon.  I didn’t complete all my runs, and decided just to have fun with this course.  I ended up running it strong, and missed a PR by 40 seconds.

I am happy with my result – I know if I put in more work I can get faster. 

Official time:  1:56:31.

I only have five weeks to train for this half marathon.  Thought, I have just come off my training for the Hapalua Half Marathon, so it really is just about keeping my fitness and trying to improve.  I would really like to PR, so I am going to aim for around the 1:50:00 mark.  I don’t think I am ready to break 1:50, but if I can get close and knock a few minutes off my time I will be happy.

I have devised training for the next five weeks, these workouts and times are taken from Hansons Marathon Method, which I plan on using for my next full marathon.

Screen Shot 2015-04-19 at 10.22.32 AM

I am going to dabble with this training plan, and hopefully it will give me an idea on where I should be for my marathon training.  If the paces are too hard, I can scale it back, if they are too easy I can push harder.

A few points:

  • At least one mile warm up and cool down for each speed, strength and tempo workout.
  • Tempo runs are at half marathon pace.  Fourth week may go up to 7 miles if I am feeling good.
  • I am giving myself the option to have an extra rest day on Friday if I feel the need.
  • I will allow myself to run the last three miles of the long runs at a slightly faster pace if I am feeling good.
  • I will be trying to hit these paces!  Not to go too fast like I have done previously.
  • Buuuttt, I have decided after week two, I will evaluate how my runs are going and to see if I need to adjust my paces – whether that is to run faster or slower.

My goals for the Hibiscus Half Marathon:

  • Goal A:    Break 1:50:00 (This probably won’t happen, as my training paces aren’t fast enough – but let’s aim high!)
  • Goal B:    Break 1:55:00
  • Goal C:    Get a new PR (Previous stands at 1:55:54)
  • Goal D:    Sub 2:00:00.  My last two half marathons have been sub 2, let’s not go back above that number!

I really believe Goal B is achievable.  But, it is always good to have those backup goals so I am not left feeling disappointed about my performance.

Let’s do this!


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