Last year, 2016, I completed what I thought was impossible.  3 marathons in 3 months.  I PR’d at the CIM (find my recap here).  I had fun at the Honolulu Marathon, here.

I am now currently training for the Hapalua Half Marathon, in Honolulu.  I will attempt to beat my current PR, which I got at the same race two years ago.  I’m not sure if I can do it, but let’s try to get rid of the negative attitude and go for the gusto!

My current Hapalua Half Marathon training plan can be found here.  I’m pretty much taking what I used two years ago with Hal Higdon’s plan, and turning it into my own.

Previous training info:

Find my 2016 Honolulu Marathon training plan here.

This training plan comes from the Hanson’s Marathon Method.  If you are interested I suggest you pick up a copy from

My 2015 Hibiscus Half Marathon plan was made up from the Hanson’s Marathon method, and I used it to keep me motivated.

My 2015 Hapalua Half Marathon used Hal Higdon’s approach.

I have previously used Hal Higdon’s marathon programs, and you can find his complete programs here. I have really liked using his plans in the past, however I want to try something new and more intense.

Please note, I have never been paid by any company or person to refer plans.  These are purely my own review, and I will be completely honest in how I feel about how they worked for me.

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