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What a month.

I managed to get in my highest mileage of running ever this month.  163.5

So, let’s take a look back and see what I’ve done throughout September: Continue reading


CIM Training – week 9

And just like that, I’m halfway through my training.  Crazy.  9 weeks until CIM.  That’s just over two months.  Eep!  I can’t wait.  I’m over marathon training!  I am getting a little sick of running the same routes.  And you know it’s bad when the first half the week I was still running in Denver!  Now that I’m back at home, I can go two directions from my house.  Both are pretty much straight lines.  I know, I should drive somewhere and run some place different, but I’m way too lazy for that nonsense.

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CIM Training – week 8

This week was a crazy one!  I flew from Honolulu to Portland, to Denver.  And managed to run in all of these places too!  (I was there visiting my sister-in-law and my niece!)

It was crazy running in Denver.  The altitude was very different.  My first run was a tempo, which didn’t happen.  My next few runs went well – but they were all easy runs.  I’m just happy I got out the door.

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CIM Training – week 7

Well.  My week started off terribly.  I was lazy and I didn’t run my first run.  It was a long run, but only of 8 miles, so not really a long run.  I felt terrible about it.  I wrote a post about it here, and tried to tell myself it’s ok for missing a run or two.

Then, I went on to rock my speed work.  Then my tempo.  Both I was dreading to do.  I was especially scared for the tempo.  They just freak me out.  I just need to keep convincing myself to get out the door, and just run a little harder than an easy pace – get in the miles.  That’s it.  That’s what I did.

So, except for the first run of the week, this was a great week of running!  (And four days of surfing!!)

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ladder workout

So, I feel after my last (complaining) post about missing a run, my run that I completed the other day deserved a post all of its own.

I love the days were you feel on top of the world.


First, I went for a surf.  It looked so-so, but decided to get some sunshine and go for a paddle.  And it was amazing!  I had such a fun surf.  I got long waves, did a bunch of good little turns, and there was a good (but small) crowd of people out there.  I didn’t want to get out of the water, but I had an appointment in the middle of the day with optometrist.  Ugh.

Well, actually, the middle part of the day sucked.  The Eye Doc dilated my eyes, and I had to wait around Costco for 3 hours to get my car tires fixed.  Which ended up being expensive.  (I probably should add that getting the tires fixed and rotated was free, but the three hours of me waiting lead me to the running store where I bought new shoes!).

I got home, rested my eyes for an hour, then decided I better get this run done.  I didn’t want to do it.  But, I made myself get out the door.  My eyes were still a little messed up, but I had sunglasses on, and the sun was setting – so it wasn’t too bright for the most part.

The workout? 400m, 800m, 1200m, 1600m, 1200m, 800m, 400m – with 400m recovery between each one.

I warmed up for a mile, then went into the first one.  My pace wasn’t too bad, around 8:20min/mile and I thought if I could do that pace for all the intervals I would be very happy.  The next one, the 800m, was a touch faster – and I actually felt ok.  I kept pushing, thinking if I could end up doing the 1 mile interval at a 8min/mile I would be extremely happy.

I actually found my groove, and the run felt amazing.  The last 400m was a little tough, but I did push myself on that one.  I was able to run the whole workout, no walking, no stopping – and felt so strong!

I finished with just over a mile cool down, to bring me to 8 miles total for the run.

A tempo run is on the cards for this evening.  Let’s see how that one goes.

missing a run

I missed a run. A long run.  It was only 8 miles.  And I had just run 8 miles the day before.  I’m not sure how I feel about this.  I had run every run up to that point.  Now I’ve missed one.  Do I try to fit it in at some point this week?  Do I just try to forget about it?  It’s only week 7 of marathon training.  It won’t kill me if I don’t run it.

Urgh.  So frustrating.  But, that is what I get for not getting up early and running in the morning. (Which, of course, I haven’t done today either – I’m sitting on the computer, after a sleep in, with a ladder workout looming over my head for this afternoon.)

So, in order to make myself feel better, let’s write a list on why it doesn’t matter too much about missing this one run: Continue reading

CIM Training – week 6

Oops.  It’s Wednesday, and I’m just posting this!  I completely forgot.  Oh well.. This week was great,  I did all my runs.  A pat on the back for me.  Week 6 done!  To be honest though, I’m not too happy, because I’m already in week 7 and I know the future.  It isn’t too good.  It’s not bad – I’m not injured, but I have missed one run, and that really annoys me.  Anyway, on to week 6:

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