CIM Training – week 3

Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 11.08.03 AMA great week of running!  Two long runs as well!  And while I have a full week of work.  I can’t believe I managed to fit it all in.  Now there is no excuse for me when I’m at home not working!  Still somehow managing to hit my paces… (Though, to be fair, the tempo was a little off..)
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CIM Training – Week 1

Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 11.08.03 AM

The first week of marathon training was a success!  Now, it’s a bit of a jip – the first 4 days was no running!  No wonder I could do this week with ease!  I’m excited to get this training going!  (I uploaded the paces earlier, and I believe they are for a 3:50 marathon time, so far I’m actually falling into these paces, so I might try to hit these…..) Continue reading

Running around Sydney

I really have a love/hate relationship with Sydney.  It is beautiful.  The weather has been perfect this winter.  I’m eager to get outside and run.  But then I do. And I’m faced with hills.  If not hills, then stairs.  Lots and lots of stairs.  This means it’s hard to keep a consistent pace, but I figure it must be getting me in shape!

I’ve completed two long runs in Sydney in the past month, one of 9 miles and one of 10 miles.

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CIM training plan

The plan:

Screen Shot 2017-05-06 at 9.36.53 AM

I’ve decided to use a mixture of the Beginner and Advanced training program in the Hanson’s Marathon Method book.  Why?  Because I don’t want to spend 5 weeks of just running easy.  I want to right in there and start training hard!  I want to start those speed workouts.

I think I’ve decided on a time goal.  I think I’m going to attempt a 3:55 marathon.  I’d love to try for a 3:50, but I really think that is pushing it right now.  My B goal is sub 4 hours.  Goal C to PR and goal D is to finish!

Last year I ran 9:22min/mile for the marathon.  Hopefully this year I am ready to run 8:58.  That seems like a huge jump.  It is.  But I really think I need it to scare me a little (or a lot!).  I feel that I should be able to run those times in my tempo runs.  I should be able to hit my speed and strength work paces.  It doesn’t seem too over the top – yet!  We will see when we get into the thick of it.

Now, I am away working for some of this.  This will make it difficult to fit in the runs I’m meant to get in.  For the first few weeks I won’t mind if I don’t get in my prescribed runs. I will try my hardest, but my work is sometimes so chaotic that it may not happen.  I’m ok with this.  I won’t let it beat me up.  But I will try my best.


Training starts next week!

Treadmill Workouts to Get Faster

I have a month until I officially start training for the California International Marathon.img_1966

I’m struggling to fit in time to run.  My work is crazy, and I have some days that I am working from before 6:00am to well past 10pm, with no breaks in-between.  Other days, I may have half the day ‘off’ (but still on call).  It’s difficult to manage.  I think I’m going to attempt to run 3 – 4 days a week, and do my run in a short amount of time.  The #streakingwiththecoolkids has been amazing – I’ve managed to fit in a run each day, but for my job sleep is crucial, so I’m quite excited to stop the streak at the end of the month.

While I’m away working I’ll be able to make use of hotel treadmills, so I found some great training ideas for quick 15-20 minute treadmill runs. Continue reading


The start of the month was a month of run-streaking on Instagram.  This just happened to coincide with me getting sick!  I decided not to let this affect me, and still get out to run at least 1 mile every day.

It’s now day 23, and I’ve run every single day!  This is quite a feat for me, and am hoping to continue for the rest of June.  It isn’t daunting, knowing that it is only a mile, and that I can do it as fast or as slow as I like.

I’ve tried to run a little faster on a few runs, and now that I’m working (which for me means living out of hotels) I will be running on treadmills quite a bit.  I don’t mind this, as it can make me push the pace and do more speed work.  It also means that I’m in a gym, which makes it easier for me to add in some extra strength work.  I’ve got a few 20 minute treadmill plans that I’m going to start implementing, so I’ll try to write a post about them.

I start my training for the CIM at the end of July/start of August, so this run streak fell at a perfect time to keep me active. I have to say, I am loving it!