CIM Training – week 7

Well.  My week started off terribly.  I was lazy and I didn’t run my first run.  It was a long run, but only of 8 miles, so not really a long run.  I felt terrible about it.  I wrote a post about it here, and tried to tell myself it’s ok for missing a run or two.

Then, I went on to rock my speed work.  Then my tempo.  Both I was dreading to do.  I was especially scared for the tempo.  They just freak me out.  I just need to keep convincing myself to get out the door, and just run a little harder than an easy pace – get in the miles.  That’s it.  That’s what I did.

So, except for the first run of the week, this was a great week of running!  (And four days of surfing!!)

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CIM Training – week 6

Oops.  It’s Wednesday, and I’m just posting this!  I completely forgot.  Oh well.. This week was great,  I did all my runs.  A pat on the back for me.  Week 6 done!  To be honest though, I’m not too happy, because I’m already in week 7 and I know the future.  It isn’t too good.  It’s not bad – I’m not injured, but I have missed one run, and that really annoys me.  Anyway, on to week 6:

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CIM Training – week 5

Wow!  Over a month of marathon training!  And I’ve continued doing so well.  I’m so happy I’ve decided not to care about my paces.  Sure, I have my pace chart floating around here, and I might try to add in my other pace chart that is probably more realistic.  But I’m just running.  I’m obviously trying to hit my paces, but if I don’t hit them, I don’t mind.  I’m just going to get out there and run.

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CIM Training – week 4

This was a tough week.  I traveled from Australia back to California, and then back to Hawaii.  So a lot of traveling, and I tried my best to fit in my runs.  I did my tempo run, but it was on a treadmill, and I’m just not happy about running them on the treadmill – I feel like I’m cheating and may not be able to manage that pace out in the real world.

I did get to go ride my bike while I was in California – I wish I had one out in Hawaii!  Maybe one day!
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CIM Training – Week 1

Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 11.08.03 AM

The first week of marathon training was a success!  Now, it’s a bit of a jip – the first 4 days was no running!  No wonder I could do this week with ease!  I’m excited to get this training going!  (I uploaded the paces earlier, and I believe they are for a 3:50 marathon time, so far I’m actually falling into these paces, so I might try to hit these…..) Continue reading