HBF run for a reason training – week 5

Oops.  It’s Saturday in Australia – Friday for people in the US.  And I am just writing up last weeks training.  My run is tomorrow!  Eep! I’m not ready.  Anyway.  Let’s have a look at how last week went.

I was in California, and I celebrated my birthday early (on Friday)- so that really made it difficult to keep running – I got a bike! So, I naturally wanted to ride it all the time!

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A week off

It’s been a week since I ran The Hapalua Half Marathon.  I decided to take a full week off.  Actually, it wasn’t planned.  I was going to take two days off, then start running again.  Then I got sick, and decided, what the hell, I may as well give myself a full week off to completely rest and start fresh.

I haven’t been doing nothing – I’ve been surfing quite a bit.  I was talking to my husband about surfing, and sometimes I think – Oh my gosh, I’ve been so lazy today, I haven’t done anything.  Then I realize I have gone for a 2 hour surf.  And surfing can be intense.  If anyone has ever even had a surf lesson, you’ll know what I mean.  Put yourself on a shorter board, and that intensity goes up!  Just because it isn’t your typical ‘mainstream’ activity, and it looks like a lot of run (it is, it is so much fun) doesn’t mean it’s not doing anything for your health.  I just wish I could be a faster runner from the amount I surf!IMG_1009

Anyway, the Hapalua was a great race.  It definitely was another lesson in getting more mileage in.  Right from the start I didn’t feel ready.  At the start line I didn’t feel that excited nervous I usually do before a race.  It was more of a, oh my gosh, I have to run 13.1 miles, kind of dreaded feeling.  I know it’s because I didn’t run more than 10 or 11 miles during training.  At least I know this is where my (biggest) downfall is.img_0457

It’s Boston weekend too.  That gets me so excited.  I love seeing everyones photos about the race.  I never thought I’d even dream of running it, I haven’t even ran a sub 4 marathon… But I now have that dream… One day, I’ll get to you.  (I think when I’m in my 40’s my BQ gets up to 3:55 – maybe then!)

A bit of a mish-mash post.  I’ll post again with my next plan – which I’ll be figuring out today!