I’m moving!

I’ve decided to move!

My new wordpress blog:



(It should look exactly the same, just going with a new name.)


oh dear

I’ve been away.  I was working for the last two weeks.  And I haven’t had the time to update my blog.  I better get back to it.  My last post was week 11, and now I think I’m in week 14!  M-day is getting closer!

I’ll be updating asap.  But for now, enjoy this view of Sydney

already planning next year

Yep… I still have two marathons this year, but my thoughts are already on to next year.  I am over running long distances.  I just can’t get the motivation to go out and get it done.  The weather is warm – and I really don’t feel like running for hours in 80F+ temperatures.

So, I’m planning  next year. Continue reading

How To Get Faster

One thing that annoys me is when people say, ‘I just did a slow run at an 8min/mile pace’.  Whaaat!?! I’d love that to be my ‘slow’ pace!  It’s one reason I get sick of Instagram.   It isn’t honest, it isn’t truthful.  A lot of it is full of crap.  I get over it, I don’t post for a while.  And then I realize that I do like it for motivation.  I do like the pretty pictures.  I like to keep myself going.  I did a lot better (running) when I was posting my paces on each picture, it kept it more real.  I think I need to get back to that.

I try not to say ‘slow’ runs anymore.  I know my marathon pace is what some people would dream their 5k pace would be.  I know this, because I dream that my 5k pace will one day be what some people are running their marathons. (Think anywhere from the 6:30-7:30min/mile range)  I just don’t get how to get there.  I mean, think I know how:

  • Speedwork
  • Hills
  • Consistency

And that last one.  That is where I suck.  I mean, I’m pretty hopeless at all three.  It’s a mission (well, not really, but I’m lazy) to get to a hill to run.  Speedwork scares me.  I feel like a failure if I don’t hit the paces I prescribed myself.  But consistency, That’s where I fail.  I know I need to go out every day, and some weeks I’m amazing.  And then I have those bad weeks were I struggle.  Right now I’m thinking that I’m not the type of person that can run fast.  I just don’t see how I would ever be able to run a marathon at an 8min/mile pace (or even a 9min/mile to break that elusive 4 hours).  I can barely hold on to 3.1 miles at that pace.

I get so jealous of people running fast, getting those BQs.  I have to keep telling myself that they work hard.  It doesn’t come easy.  If I want it, I’m going to have to work hard too.  And that scares me.