HBF run for a reason – week 5

Oops.  It’s Saturday in Australia – Friday for people in the US.  And I am just writing up last weeks training.  My run is tomorrow!  Eep! I’m not ready.  Anyway.  Let’s have a look at how last week went.

I was in California, and I celebrated my birthday early (on Friday)- so that really made it difficult to keep running – I got a bike! So, I naturally wanted to ride it all the time!

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Playing mind games – 6 x 800m

A good workout deserves its own post!

Yesterday morning my alarm clock went off at 5:30am.  I turned it straight off.  Nope, not going to run.  Maybe I can run later today.  Maybe I should just have a rest day today, and move my run to tomorrow.  But then I thought how good I would feel if I completed a run.  I thought about having time in the evening and not worrying when I would fit in my run.  I thought that I could actually wash my hair, and it could be clean for two whole days.

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wannabe morning runner

Ugh.  I feel this is all I say.  So I apologize for repeating myself again and again.  I want to run mornings.  And then my alarm goes off, and nope.  Not getting out of bed.

This morning was the same.  Alarm off at 6am.  I laid in bed until after 7am on my phone: Instagram, Facebook, the news…. Finally, I got up and am now on my blog with coffee brewing.  What a fail.  Except that there is coffee.

Though, in my defense, it is raining.  And while I love to run in the rain, I hate to begin a run while it is already raining.  Make sense? I don’t know.  Anyway, I looked at the weather forecast for the day, and it looks like it is meant to be raining all day.  It was also 76F when I woke up, and the high is around 80/81F.  What’s a few degrees more?  I figure I can try to prep myself for this rainy warm run and head out for a mid-morning run.

On the cards today is a tempo run.  I’m hoping for 2 or 3 miles at around an 8:50min/mile.  We will see.  I should be able to do this.  I’ve done much harder workouts.

Let’s drink this coffee and go!

I’ll be dodging the puddles today!