A week off

It’s been a week since I ran The Hapalua Half Marathon.  I decided to take a full week off.  Actually, it wasn’t planned.  I was going to take two days off, then start running again.  Then I got sick, and decided, what the hell, I may as well give myself a full week off to completely rest and start fresh.

I haven’t been doing nothing – I’ve been surfing quite a bit.  I was talking to my husband about surfing, and sometimes I think – Oh my gosh, I’ve been so lazy today, I haven’t done anything.  Then I realize I have gone for a 2 hour surf.  And surfing can be intense.  If anyone has ever even had a surf lesson, you’ll know what I mean.  Put yourself on a shorter board, and that intensity goes up!  Just because it isn’t your typical ‘mainstream’ activity, and it looks like a lot of run (it is, it is so much fun) doesn’t mean it’s not doing anything for your health.  I just wish I could be a faster runner from the amount I surf!IMG_1009

Anyway, the Hapalua was a great race.  It definitely was another lesson in getting more mileage in.  Right from the start I didn’t feel ready.  At the start line I didn’t feel that excited nervous I usually do before a race.  It was more of a, oh my gosh, I have to run 13.1 miles, kind of dreaded feeling.  I know it’s because I didn’t run more than 10 or 11 miles during training.  At least I know this is where my (biggest) downfall is.img_0457

It’s Boston weekend too.  That gets me so excited.  I love seeing everyones photos about the race.  I never thought I’d even dream of running it, I haven’t even ran a sub 4 marathon… But I now have that dream… One day, I’ll get to you.  (I think when I’m in my 40’s my BQ gets up to 3:55 – maybe then!)

A bit of a mish-mash post.  I’ll post again with my next plan – which I’ll be figuring out today!

Hapalua Half Marathon Training Week 10

This is becoming a common theme.  Not a great week.

On Thursday when I woke up my left eye was sore.  I went for a run, and a surf, and it just got worse and worse.  It ended up being scratched.  I don’t know if any of you have had a scratched eye, but it is pretty much the worst thing ever.  Sunlight hurts.  I wear contacts, and am pretty much blind as a bat without them (or glasses).  Trying to wear glassed while running in a warm environment also doesn’t work too well.

Oh well.  Plenty of surfing early in the week to make it a little more fun.  My training for the half is pretty much done, and I’m just going to be running for fun and to try and get my speed up to where it should be for  my marathon training starting July.img_0248 Continue reading

But first, let’s go surf

Surfing trumps everything.DCIM101GOPRO

I didn’t realize that if people don’t surf (or who haven’t spent a lot of time around people that surf) it’s hard for them to realize that surfing always comes first.  I only realised this last year.  A friend was staying with my husband and I, and I can’t remember exactly what he said, but it was enough for me to have to explain exactly that, surfing is first, then all other activities can take place.  It kind of shocked me that this needed to be explained!  I never even thought that it would occur to other people that surfing isn’t a number one priority!

I figure a lot of people that read my blog, or look at my Instagram, may wonder about me and surfing.

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