HBF Run for a Reason – two PRs!

Well, I am blown away with how this run went.  I thought my pace wasn’t there.  I thought it would be hard to hold a 9 minute mile for the 7.5 miles I was running.  But no. (and in case the title of this blog post didn’t give it away – I came out of it with two PRs!).

The HBF Run for a Reason holds 3 events, a half marathon, a 12km, and a 4km.  As you know, I chose the 12km.  I decided I didn’t want to train for another half marathon, but I did want to push myself to go a little faster.  The 12km was ideal, as it is an automatic PR- I’ve never run a 12km before.  I was almost going to drop to the 4km run, my friend talked me out of it (quite easily) and I didn’t think I had done much serious speedwork to get me a 4km PR.

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Hapalua Half Marathon Training Week 12

I’ll be writing a quick recap of The Hapalua in a little bit – at the moment I have come down with a cold, and am feeling sorry for myself.  I really just wanted to put this up.  I’ll probably need to update it too, to add in my splits for the Hapalua.  I’m pretty disappointed with how I ran.  Well, maybe I’m more disappointed with how I trained – I was definitely under trained, and really need to focus on completing long runs.

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Failed plans plus a new big one

Well.  It happens.  You have good intentions to do something, then it fails.

img_0200I went to Kauai last week with my husband, and didn’t fit in my 3 mile runs.  Then I got sick.  So.  Yea.  That whole 3 mile a day for the month didn’t really work out.  And I’m still sick.
I’ve been surfing.  I did go on a couple of runs, and am planning on running tonight.  I’ve done a teeny bit of weight training – but nothing really to write about.

My training for the Hapalua Half Marathon has been a complete flop.  But you know what? I’m going to continue on, hope for the best.  We will see how it goes.  If I can manage a sub 2 hour half marathon, great, if not – it will be a good day for a run!

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Before and After

Ugh.  This is a not good before and after.  And it’s not of my body.  I’m not sure what to think of all of this.  But, let me write it all down and try to figure it out.

On Sunday I ran the Mizuno Val Nolasco Half Marathon.  It is part of the Race Readiness Series for the Honolulu Marathon.  I really needed an excuse to get out the door and go and run.  I also wanted to add in a few miles to make it to 16 miles.  (Which I ended up doing).

The route was exactly the same as the Hibiscus Half Marathon I completed about a year and a half ago.  This is my second fastest half marathon.  So, I decided to compare the two.  And ugh.  Maybe I shouldn’t have.  I’m now feeling pretty disappointed with myself and pretty darn slow. Continue reading

Am I Ready?

I have a love/hate relationship with Instagram.  I love that it can be so motivating, I love the pretty pictures.  I hate the fact that you compare yourself with EVERYONE.  I have serious doubts about my upcoming marathons.  I mean, I have Portland that is 24 days away.  What the…?  How did that happen?! Continue reading