Operation BQ – Step 1

I am not a gifted runner.  I never have been.  I was always the slowest in my class at school.  Painfully slow.  I didn’t even want to participate because I knew I would be last.  Well, actually, second last, one girl was just a tad slower than me.  However, it still made me not want to run.

This is not a post about my past as a runner, which is brief: I wasn’t, and now I am.  It’s about not being naturally fast.  There are people out there that can decided to run a marathon and easily break four hours.  Heck, some even get close to the three hour mark their first try.  I am not one.  My first marathon was a a 4:46, which was in 2013.  It was a huge accomplishment to me.  I have never been surrounded by runners, no one I knew had run one before.  I was hooked.  The feeling of crossing that finish line was like nothing else I had ever experienced. Continue reading


Operation BQ

BostonmarathonlogoEep.  That’s scary just typing that title.

I’m going for a BQ.  I’m putting it out there into the universe.  I want a BQ.  I’m going to take steps though.  I wrote about my goal for the CIM here, which is a 3:50 marathon.

Now, this is a big goal.  And I’m not sure if it is attainable just yet.  The A goal is to get a 3:50.  The B goal is to sub 4 hours.  Depending on my results from the 2017 CIM I will attempt a BQ the next year.  (My BQ will be 3:40, thank goodness for getting older!!)

I’m going to track my progress, with blog posts.  My half marathon training will finish in two weeks (!!) and then I will properly start on working to get to my goals.

So, in order to do this I believe I need to work on a lot of things. Continue reading