Thinking about triathlons

I’m not sure why I’m even writing this post.  But why not?  It’s like my diary to myself.ironman Continue reading


CIM training plan

The plan:

Screen Shot 2017-05-06 at 9.36.53 AM

I’ve decided to use a mixture of the Beginner and Advanced training program in the Hanson’s Marathon Method book.  Why?  Because I don’t want to spend 5 weeks of just running easy.  I want to right in there and start training hard!  I want to start those speed workouts.

I think I’ve decided on a time goal.  I think I’m going to attempt a 3:55 marathon.  I’d love to try for a 3:50, but I really think that is pushing it right now.  My B goal is sub 4 hours.  Goal C to PR and goal D is to finish!

Last year I ran 9:22min/mile for the marathon.  Hopefully this year I am ready to run 8:58.  That seems like a huge jump.  It is.  But I really think I need it to scare me a little (or a lot!).  I feel that I should be able to run those times in my tempo runs.  I should be able to hit my speed and strength work paces.  It doesn’t seem too over the top – yet!  We will see when we get into the thick of it.

Now, I am away working for some of this.  This will make it difficult to fit in the runs I’m meant to get in.  For the first few weeks I won’t mind if I don’t get in my prescribed runs. I will try my hardest, but my work is sometimes so chaotic that it may not happen.  I’m ok with this.  I won’t let it beat me up.  But I will try my best.


Training starts next week!

hbf run for a reason – training

Only six weeks until the HBF Run for a Reason 12km.  I was going to try to find a 10 or 12km training plan to follow, and I found a few 6 or 8 week plans.  But I don’t know, I’m just not that interested in following one.  I have no idea why.  I’m just going to do my own thing, and see how that goes.  I know what I want to do, have the usual speed work day, a tempo run day and a long run day – but I’m going to run by feel and have nothing really set in stone. Continue reading

Operation BQ

BostonmarathonlogoEep.  That’s scary just typing that title.

I’m going for a BQ.  I’m putting it out there into the universe.  I want a BQ.  I’m going to take steps though.  I wrote about my goal for the CIM here, which is a 3:50 marathon.

Now, this is a big goal.  And I’m not sure if it is attainable just yet.  The A goal is to get a 3:50.  The B goal is to sub 4 hours.  Depending on my results from the 2017 CIM I will attempt a BQ the next year.  (My BQ will be 3:40, thank goodness for getting older!!)

I’m going to track my progress, with blog posts.  My half marathon training will finish in two weeks (!!) and then I will properly start on working to get to my goals.

So, in order to do this I believe I need to work on a lot of things. Continue reading

Failed plans plus a new big one

Well.  It happens.  You have good intentions to do something, then it fails.

img_0200I went to Kauai last week with my husband, and didn’t fit in my 3 mile runs.  Then I got sick.  So.  Yea.  That whole 3 mile a day for the month didn’t really work out.  And I’m still sick.
I’ve been surfing.  I did go on a couple of runs, and am planning on running tonight.  I’ve done a teeny bit of weight training – but nothing really to write about.

My training for the Hapalua Half Marathon has been a complete flop.  But you know what? I’m going to continue on, hope for the best.  We will see how it goes.  If I can manage a sub 2 hour half marathon, great, if not – it will be a good day for a run!

My focus now is the CIM.   Continue reading



I feel like I need a new challenge.  Yes.  I want to beat my PR’s in all distances, but that isn’t enough for me to get out of the door.  I’m just in kind of a running funk at the moment.  In January my husband and I set out to hit our step goal on our Garmin watches every day.  We have our watches set so the goals change depending on how far you walked the previous day.  It was a great way to get up and walk around!  What other small challenges can I do? Continue reading

That Pesky Word: Motivation

How do you get motivated to get up and run, or workout, every day?fullsizerender

Some days it is a huge struggle for me.  Some days, I just want to snuggle in my warm bed.  Some days, I’d much rather take a nap.  Some days, I think, why bother?

I’ve tried placing my alarm in a different room.  I just get up (think zombie-esque) throw it against a wall, and crawl back into bed.
I’ve tried having coffee brewed for me when my alarm goes off.  That worked, maybe one time?
I’ve tried naming my alarm clocks “GO RUN!  SUB 4 HOURS! etc – but who reads that early in the morning?!

So… My top tips to get to it?  Well… Continue on, my friends: Continue reading