CIM Training – week 8

This week was a crazy one!  I flew from Honolulu to Portland, to Denver.  And managed to run in all of these places too!  (I was there visiting my sister-in-law and my niece!)

It was crazy running in Denver.  The altitude was very different.  My first run was a tempo, which didn’t happen.  My next few runs went well – but they were all easy runs.  I’m just happy I got out the door.

Monday, September 18th

Scheduled: 14 miles at long pace
What I did: 14 miles at 9:51min/mile

Tuesday, September 19th

Scheduled: 6 miles @ easy pace
What I did: Nothing!  Oops!

Wednesday, September 20th

Scheduled: 3 x 1600m
What I did: 3 x 1600m, with 400m recovery.
This was in the lovely cool (and rainy) weather of south Washington.  I did a one mile warm up, then the rain started.  During my last 1600m I saw lightning and heard thunder.  I finished it, and thought the storm had passed, I was in my cool down when I heard more thunder, and decided nope – let’s head inside.

Thursday, September 21st

Scheduled: Rest day.
What I did: Fly to Denver!

Friday, September 22nd

Scheduled: 7 miles at tempo pace
What I did: 5 miles at 9:46min/mile
My first run up in high altitude – Denver is the mile high city, and I’m used to sea level.   I did 1.5 miles at tempo pace, and I just wasn’t feeling right.  I decided to slow down, and just complete 5 miles.

Saturday, September 23rd

Scheduled: 5 miles @ easy pace
What I did: 5 miles at 9:57min/mile
Feeling a bit better with the altitude, and the cool weather definitely helped!

Sunday, September 24th

Scheduled: 6 miles @ easy pace
What I did: 6 miles at 9:39min/mile
I love running around Denver – beautiful running paths to follow! And the weather is amazing for running!

This Week’s Total Mileage: 35

Training Total Mileage: 244.35

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