missing a run

I missed a run. A long run.  It was only 8 miles.  And I had just run 8 miles the day before.  I’m not sure how I feel about this.  I had run every run up to that point.  Now I’ve missed one.  Do I try to fit it in at some point this week?  Do I just try to forget about it?  It’s only week 7 of marathon training.  It won’t kill me if I don’t run it.

Urgh.  So frustrating.  But, that is what I get for not getting up early and running in the morning. (Which, of course, I haven’t done today either – I’m sitting on the computer, after a sleep in, with a ladder workout looming over my head for this afternoon.)

So, in order to make myself feel better, let’s write a list on why it doesn’t matter too much about missing this one run:

  • It is only week 7.  I still have 11 weeks of training left (!!)
  • I didn’t do nothing.  I did go surf instead of running…. So, maybe cross training?
  • I had just run 8 miles the day before.
  • It was only an 8 mile long run – not in the double digits (like my last long run of 12).

I think that’s a pretty good list.  Thank you, my dear training blog, now I don’t feel quite so bad.  Maybe I can add in a few extra warm up and cool down miles this week to get back some mileage, but I won’t get too upset if I don’t fit them in.

One thing I am planning on today is trying to join the gym.  I realized that if I had a gym membership I would have gone at 8pm to get in my run on a treadmill.  Then I wouldn’t of had to write this post and write lists about not feeling bad.


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