CIM Training – week 6

Oops.  It’s Wednesday, and I’m just posting this!  I completely forgot.  Oh well.. This week was great,  I did all my runs.  A pat on the back for me.  Week 6 done!  To be honest though, I’m not too happy, because I’m already in week 7 and I know the future.  It isn’t too good.  It’s not bad – I’m not injured, but I have missed one run, and that really annoys me.  Anyway, on to week 6:


Monday, September 4th

Scheduled: 12 miles at long pace
What I did: 12 miles at 9:48min/mile.
I almost died.  Well, not really.  But oh my gosh.  This run was tough.  I started late too, at around 7:45am which meant by the end of it I was running in some heat.  But, I completed it.  My pace fits into what I want for a 4 hour marathon, so I’m considering this run a win!

Plus, a surf!

Tuesday, September 5th

Scheduled: 4 miles at easy pace
What I did: 4 miles at 10:24min/mile
I slept in, and was planning on running in the evening.  However, I looked at the surf forecast and saw that there may be some surf in the evening, so I decided on a late morning run in the heat.  I feel that running in the heat of the day helps me slow down my easy runs, and is also great at conditioning my body for running in warmer weather.

Wednesday, September 6th

Scheduled: 4 x 1200m, 400m recovery
What I did: 1 mile warm up, 4 x 1200m, 1 mile cool down
This was tough.  Tougher than tough.  My pace was way off.  I guess still close to the slower range for the 4:00 hour marathon, so I shouldn’t be too hard on myself.  As long as I get out there and push a little bit harder, that’s all I can ask of myself.

Thursday, September 7th

Scheduled: Rest day.
What I did: 

Friday, September 8th

Scheduled: 7 miles at tempo pace
What I did: 1 mile warm up, 7 miles @ 8:58min/mile, 1 mile cool down.
Wow.  I did not want to run this one.  I was so nervous.  I wasn’t able to run in the morning, so it happened at 5 in the afternoon.  It was warm.  It was windy.  I said to myself it’s ok to hold a 9:30min/mile – that is still a good pace.  But I freaking knocked it out of the park.

And an hour and a half surf!

Saturday, September 9th

Scheduled: 4 miles @ easy pace
What I did: 4 miles at 10:29min/mile

Sunday, September 10th

Scheduled: 8 miles @ easy pace
What I did: 8 miles @ 10:39min/mile.
I didn’t want to run this.  I kept thinking that I could stop, and fit in the mileage elsewhere.  But I didn’t. I persisted, and it got done.  Love it when that happens.

And I got in a surf!

This Week’s Total Mileage: 43

Training Total Mileage: 175.35


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