Putting in the miles

I’ve decided with this training run I just need to get outside and put in the miles.  I’ll cover the miles needed.  If I hit my paces – that’s fantastic.  If I don’t, well as long as I’m trying that is all that counts.

This way of thinking actually got me out the door this morning.

I knew I was going to wake up early and have coffee with my husband.  I knew that he was leaving at 7:30 in the morning, and that if I wanted to beat the heat I should be coming back from my run at around this time.  However, having not spent any amount of time with him over the last three months, I wanted to sit and chat with him.  I knew it would be warm when I started.  I knew that the humidity would be high.  I thought about putting off my run until the afternoon/evening, when the breeze comes up a little and the humidity has died down.  I then thought about how at the end of a marathon it would be warm.  What if it decided to be unseasonably warm during my fall/winter marathon? I decided to head  outside.

Speed work was on the cards.  5 x 1000m.  With it already being around 79F, and 84% humidity, I didn’t want to worry about my paces.  I thought as long as I’m going harder than an easy pace for those intervals, I’m getting the job done.  I decided to ignore my watch, and not look at my paces.

Well, was I surprised when I got back home!

I’m not in my pace range for a 3:50 marathon,  but for a 3:55-4:00 I hit it!  The heat got to me for the last few, but I can only wonder if I looked at my watch and saw the first three splits, would I have been able to push on a little more?

No matter what, I nailed it!  And thank god, because that run was TOUGH!

Let’s hope my tempo run later this week feels a little easier than this one!



CIM Training – week 4

This was a tough week.  I traveled from Australia back to California, and then back to Hawaii.  So a lot of traveling, and I tried my best to fit in my runs.  I did my tempo run, but it was on a treadmill, and I’m just not happy about running them on the treadmill – I feel like I’m cheating and may not be able to manage that pace out in the real world.

I did get to go ride my bike while I was in California – I wish I had one out in Hawaii!  Maybe one day!
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CIM Training – Week 1

Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 11.08.03 AM

The first week of marathon training was a success!  Now, it’s a bit of a jip – the first 4 days was no running!  No wonder I could do this week with ease!  I’m excited to get this training going!  (I uploaded the paces earlier, and I believe they are for a 3:50 marathon time, so far I’m actually falling into these paces, so I might try to hit these…..) Continue reading