Running around Sydney

I really have a love/hate relationship with Sydney.  It is beautiful.  The weather has been perfect this winter.  I’m eager to get outside and run.  But then I do. And I’m faced with hills.  If not hills, then stairs.  Lots and lots of stairs.  This means it’s hard to keep a consistent pace, but I figure it must be getting me in shape!

I’ve completed two long runs in Sydney in the past month, one of 9 miles and one of 10 miles.

The first run was the Bondi to Coogee Coastal Walk.  I have been to Bondi Beach so many times, I’ve even started some of this walk, so I really only have myself to blame for thinking it would be easy.  So many stairs.  So many hills.  Wow.  The views definitely made up for it though.  It was about 4 miles to Coogee, stopping at other beaches along the way, then 4 miles back.  I ran up and down the Bondi Beach stretch at the end to get myself to 9 miles.  I definitely recommend this coastal walk if you find yourself in Sydney with a morning or afternoon free.


My latest run was meant to be easier.  I thought I’d head across the Harbour Bridge over to North Sydney.  I thought once I made my way down to the water’s edge I’d have some nice long trails to follow.  And I did, for about half a mile.  Then I ran into stairs, which I climbed.  Which lead to hilly neighborhoods, which then lead to more stairs.  I had decided right from the start of this run that I was going to take it easy and not worry about my pace – and I’m so glad I said that to myself.  It meant I could tackle the stairs without worrying.

I tried staying on the north side of the Harbour Bridge, but once I ran into more stairs I gave up, and decided to head back to Circular Quay, where I knew I could have a flat run to the Opera House and to Mrs Maquarie’s Chair.  A beautiful, very “Sydney” run.  I finished off with 10 miles – and an extremely good work out!



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