HBF Run for a reason training – week 6 and race day!

Race week!

This one was a little difficult.  I did go on a long bike ride, and tried to find hills during my last run in California (which is so easy to do in where I run).  Then I traveled to Australia.  I lost a day, as you travel into the future, and skip a day.  I’ll get it back when I travel back to the US in August though!


Monday, May 22
(Day 36/42)

  • Bike:
    26 miles, easy.                  

Tuesday, May 23
(Day 37/42)

  • Run:
    3 miles, easy pace (10:01min/mile) 

Wednesday, May 24
(Day 38/42)

  • Lost day!
    Travel to Australia                         At Auckland Airport – looking very cold!                                                                      

Thursday, May 25 
(Day 39/42)

  • Rest day                                    

Friday, May 26
(Day 40/42)

  • Run:
    4 miles, easy pace. (9:49min/mile)               

Saturday, May 27
(Day 41/42)

  • Run:
    3 miles, easy pace. (10:01min/mile)                     

Sunday, May 28
(Day 42/42)

  • HBF Run for a Reason:
    12km – (8:31min/mile)                                                          

Weekly mileage:  17.5 miles

Overview:  What a great end to the week!  The HBF Run for a Reason was a great success!  I think I’ll write a blog post about it, so I’ll link it here when I am done.

It was a very tough week, training wise.  I traveled to Australia, which meant going over the international date line and therefore losing a day.  But, it all worked out well.  I’m super happy with how this training cycle went – even though I slacked off a little towards the end.


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