HBF run for a reason training – week 5

Oops.  It’s Saturday in Australia – Friday for people in the US.  And I am just writing up last weeks training.  My run is tomorrow!  Eep! I’m not ready.  Anyway.  Let’s have a look at how last week went.

I was in California, and I celebrated my birthday early (on Friday)- so that really made it difficult to keep running – I got a bike! So, I naturally wanted to ride it all the time!

Monday, May 15
(Day 29/42)

  • Run:
    4 miles, easy pace (10:17min/mile)
    Holey moley!  There are some crazy hills in this neighborhood!

Tuesday, May 16
(Day 30/42)

  • Rest day

Wednesday, May 17
(Day 31/42)

  • Run
    5 miles, easy with hill repeats. (10:01min/mile)                                                                                             

Thursday, May 18
(Day 32/42)

  • Run:
    –  4 miles, easy pace (10:28min/mile)                                                     
  • Hike:
    Beautiful hike                        

Friday, May 19
(Day 33/42)

  • Bike ride!
    10 miles, easy.

Saturday, May 20
(Day 34/42)

  • Run:
    6 mile fartlek/interval style run. (9:01min/mile)                            

Sunday, May 14
(Day 28/42)

  • Bike:
    8 miles, easy                        







Weekly mileage:  19 miles

Overview: Not the best week mileage wise.  I didn’t do speed work, but I did a lot of hills, which are apparently speedwork in disguise.  On Saturday I was planning on a long run, but ended up with doing a shorter workout with some faster paced miles in there.

It’s very difficult when you are away, staying with other people, to keep up your running routine.  I found that if I didn’t run in the morning that I just couldn’t fit it in during the rest of the day, especially when it was heating up to 90+ degrees.  Also, if people don’t run, they don’t really understand that you would rather run in the evening and eat a very late dinner.  Oh well, I’m not too upset with how this week went.

Still no strength work though!  Must work on that!


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