HBF run for a reason training – week 4

This week was an interesting one. My mileage wasn’t were I would like it to be, but I did actually get in 3 quality days of running.

I also flew out to California, so traveling can always make it a little difficult.   I have to say, I’m loving the cooler temps in California – I can run in the middle of the day at it’s only around the mid 70s!!

Monday, May 8
(Day 22/42)

  • Run:
    3 miles, easy pace (10:23min/mile)                                         
  • Surf

Tuesday, May 9th
(Day 23/42)

  • Surf

Wednesday, May 10
(Day 24/42)

  • Rest day!!
  • Surf.                                                                                                

Thursday, May 11 
(Day 25/42)

  • Run:
    –  3 mile tempo, with 1 mile warm up and cool down (9:45min/mile)
     Tempo miles: 9:35, 9:05, 9:07.                                    

Friday, May 12
(Day 26/42)

  • Nothing! Oops!

Saturday, May 13
(Day 27/42)

  • Run:
    4 x 1 mile repeats, with 3 mins recovery. 1 mile warm up and cool down.                     

Sunday, May 14
(Day 28/42)

  • Run:
    10 mile long run (9:50min/mile).                        

Weekly mileage:  24.5 miles

Overview:  So, not the best week, but not terrible.  I’m actually pretty happy with it.  I missed my speed work on Tuesday, due to laziness in the morning, and then the surf being fun in the afternoon.  I kept Wednesday as a rest day (but surfed).  Thursday my Tempo run was just difficult.  After running so much in the afternoon/evening and then going straight into a hard workout in the morning didn’t work too well.  But I am happy with my paces – that’s where I want my tempos to be for my marathon training.

Thursday I flew to California, arrived late at night, and ended up not running on Friday.  I managed to get out to the beautiful American River Trail for my Saturday run, and decided on putting in a bit of speed work.  This run went so well!  Especially with the rolling hills on the trail.  Sunday I went back to the trail and did 10 miles – which were also fantastic.

No strength work though!

2 weeks to go!


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