why do i run?


I hate getting up early to go for a run.

I hate the feeling during a run.  It hurts.  Everything hurts.  My legs hurt.  My lungs hurt.
It just hurts.

I hate not being ‘fast’.

I hate not getting PRs.

I hate that you have to be consistent to see any amount of improvement.

I hate having to run in hot/humid about-to-die weather.



I love the feeling after a run.

I love the fact that I can improve, if I put in the work.

I love that I can do something that other people will never be able or want to do.

I love the accomplishment of finishing a long run.

I love the sweatiness after a hot/humid about-to-die run.

I love where running can take me.

I love to achieve my goals.

I love that running is purely for me.


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