Operation BQ – Step 1

I am not a gifted runner.  I never have been.  I was always the slowest in my class at school.  Painfully slow.  I didn’t even want to participate because I knew I would be last.  Well, actually, second last, one girl was just a tad slower than me.  However, it still made me not want to run.

This is not a post about my past as a runner, which is brief: I wasn’t, and now I am.  It’s about not being naturally fast.  There are people out there that can decided to run a marathon and easily break four hours.  Heck, some even get close to the three hour mark their first try.  I am not one.  My first marathon was a a 4:46, which was in 2013.  It was a huge accomplishment to me.  I have never been surrounded by runners, no one I knew had run one before.  I was hooked.  The feeling of crossing that finish line was like nothing else I had ever experienced.

Putting out that I want to BQ, after a first marathon time that is over an hour slower than my BQ (3:40), is a scary thing.  There may be judgement.  I did get told that I could never run a half marathon (I showed them).  But I need something that will keep me accountable.  If I have something to report to each week, it may just help keep this seemingly impossible dream alive. So hopefully this blog will help me out.

Step 1 – Run a 12k

I’m heading to back to  the city I grew up in, Perth, for a for a few weeks.  Then I’ll be traveling/working on the East Coast of Australia.  Naturally, I looked at what running events will be happening on my days off.  The only one that seemed likely to work with my schedule is the HBF Run for a Reason.  This event offers 3 distances, 4km, 12km, and a half marathon.  Now, I find the distances odd.  I’m used to 5kms and 10km runs.  The distance I automatically wanted to run was the half marathon.  hbf-run-for-a-reason-logo

I started talking over it with my husband, which is basically me talking to myself with his blank stares and nods of approval.  Now, I don’t know why I always shoot for the half over anything shorter.  I think it’s because it doesn’t matter how slow I go, I did an awesome long run.  Shorter distances scare me.  You want to go out fast, but you still need a lot of endurance.  In the end, the fact that I’ve already run a half marathon and a 4km run before, I have decided to try the 12km run.  First off, it will automatically be a PR.  Can’t get any better than that!!  Secondly, I want to try and run faster.  I will attempt to beat my PR 10km pace.  (8:41min/mile)

The reason this is step 1 of my ‘Operation BQ’ is that the training will get my legs moving.  I will only have about 6-8 weeks after the Hapalua Half Marathon and the 12km to train, which isn’t long.  I will try to do lots of speed work.  I won’t need to focus on super long runs, and can probably max out at 8 miles. (I think 12km is around 7.5 miles… I probably need to check on that!)

I will use this time to decide on what I’m ready for at the CIM.  I have said before I want to break 3:50.  The more I think about it though, the more I think that goal may be a little too lofty right now.  So, if I happen to freaking rock this at manage to pull 8:00-8:30min/miles from somewhere (I doubt this will happen), I can try to run a 3:50 marathon.  If I run around 8:45min/miles I will go for a sub 4 hour marathon.  Anything inbetween, I’ll aim for a 3:55.

Sounds good.  Now to figure out some sort of training plan for this 12km run!

4 thoughts on “Operation BQ – Step 1

  1. kstewruns says:

    You will get that BQ, I seriously just know it!! Look how far you have come. From a 4:46 to a 4:05, that’s about a 40 minute difference. 25 more minutes and you’ll have it! I’ll be rooting for you the entire way!

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