6 x 400m

I’m so happy with how this run went.  I almost turned around at the half mile marker to go back to bed!  But, I talked to myself, and decided that I was already up and running – I may as well try to run a little.

The plan was 6 x 400m, with 400m recovery.  As I was running my mile warm up I was thinking it was already tough, and that I couldn’t run fast first thing in the morning.  Maybe I could run 2 x 400m, that would make it a 3 mile run.

To not put any pressure on myself, I decided to just run, I would aim to run 400m faster than my easy pace, if possible faster than my goal race pace (which, to be honest, I have no idea how fast that is).  I decided to take each 400m as it came.  I did one, that wasn’t too bad.  I decided I could do one more.  Then I did another.  Then I thought I could push on and do the third.  After the third came my turn around point, and I managed to keep pushing for 3 more repeats.  All 6 done!  Talk about talking yourself into it.

My splits:

For each 400m: 8:20, 8:16, 8:14, 8:05, 7:49, 7:47.

I’m so happy with this run.  I looked at my first 400m, and saw I was running around an 8:20min/mile pace.  I thought I would be happy with that for the entire six repeats.  On the 5th repeat, I had another sneaky glance, and say I was below an 8min/mile pace.  What?!  I didn’t think I had that it me right now.

Looking at these splits I am amazed.  Sure, it’s not as fast as I have run in the past, but to run each split faster than the last makes me incredibly happy.  To run the last two below an 8 minute mile pace makes me ecstatic.  The fact that I finished this work out when I didn’t even want to run.. Well.. That just goes to show that I can do this!  I just need to put my mind to it.


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