Operation BQ

BostonmarathonlogoEep.  That’s scary just typing that title.

I’m going for a BQ.  I’m putting it out there into the universe.  I want a BQ.  I’m going to take steps though.  I wrote about my goal for the CIM here, which is a 3:50 marathon.

Now, this is a big goal.  And I’m not sure if it is attainable just yet.  The A goal is to get a 3:50.  The B goal is to sub 4 hours.  Depending on my results from the 2017 CIM I will attempt a BQ the next year.  (My BQ will be 3:40, thank goodness for getting older!!)

I’m going to track my progress, with blog posts.  My half marathon training will finish in two weeks (!!) and then I will properly start on working to get to my goals.

So, in order to do this I believe I need to work on a lot of things.


In everything.  But, for this point let’s talk about running.  I need to consistently be running.  This is something I’m absolutely hopeless at.  I’m planning on using the Hanson’s Marathon Method for my training so I need to get up to running 6 days a week.  This starts now.  I’m going to aim for consistently 4 days a week.  Then 5.  Then 6.  Four days a week I can do.  Let’s do that.  Start small.  For  April, I’ll aim for 4 days of running a week.

I’m going to have to put in harder efforts.  That means speed work (or faster than goal marathon pace) once a week.  It means a tempo run (at goal marathon pace) once a week.  It means a long run once a week.  This has to happen.  It’s non-negotiable.  So, in leading up to my official training start date (July 31st) I will start with small and go out for a two mile tempo, or my long run will be 8 miles.  Just something to get me into the swing of things.  The goal will be to run 3-4 miles at tempo pace (8:46min/mile) fairly easily by the start of training.  Well, without stressing about it too much.


I try.  I do try.  It’s easy when my husband is at home.  When he isn’t, I feel bad that the dog has to wake up.  Well, actually, that probably isn’t completely true.  I am just too lazy to take him outside to pee before I go for a run.  I’ll just need to get over that.

I’m also extremely lazy.  I’m one of the laziest people I know.  I love to sleep.  And to nap.  Aside from surfing it is probably my favorite hobby.  Plus, our bed is so extremely comfortable, how can I possibly leave it?!  Well.  I’ll have to try and suck it up and go for a run.  If I run in the morning that also means the rest of the day is free.  I don’t need to worry about getting my run in.  Running will need to take priority.


I’ll need to dial in my nutrition.  I don’t think I’m exactly unhealthy.  However, I could always be better.  My focus will definitely be on eating more nutritious, less processed foods.  I’ll attempt to eat before longer tempo runs and some long runs, to mimic race day.  After hard workouts I’ll also be making sure I get in protein to fuel recovery.


I’m thinking twice a week.  I will focus on my core and legs, but probably incorporate full body exercises too.  One thing I’ve been doing in the past is cardio based training, and I think I’ll stop this and do more weight/resistance training.  Who wants to jump around for 30mins after running hard? I just want to lay on the floor!snapseed


Now, there is probably a lot more I need to work on.  But for now, these are the main ideas.  I get worried that I am dreaming too big.  That running 26.2 miles at an 8:46min/mile is way too fast for me.  But, let’s try.  If, throughout my training, that I decided I cannot hit the paces subscribed, I will dial it back.  I won’t be ashamed.  This is a work in progress.  This will take time.  And if I am dedicated to running, it will happen.

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