Failed plans plus a new big one

Well.  It happens.  You have good intentions to do something, then it fails.

img_0200I went to Kauai last week with my husband, and didn’t fit in my 3 mile runs.  Then I got sick.  So.  Yea.  That whole 3 mile a day for the month didn’t really work out.  And I’m still sick.
I’ve been surfing.  I did go on a couple of runs, and am planning on running tonight.  I’ve done a teeny bit of weight training – but nothing really to write about.

My training for the Hapalua Half Marathon has been a complete flop.  But you know what? I’m going to continue on, hope for the best.  We will see how it goes.  If I can manage a sub 2 hour half marathon, great, if not – it will be a good day for a run!

My focus now is the CIM.  cimlogo

Did I tell you that?  I signed up for the CIM again!  I love that race.  I had such a great experience with it last year, 2016.  And this year I’m going big.  I’m going for a 3:50 time goal.  So I’m starting now.  Well, as soon as I’m done with being sick.  I think I better just do easy runs until I’m completely over this cold/flu thing.  A 3:50 time goal is huge.  It’s breaking 4 hours.  It’s being only 10 minutes away from a BQ.  It’s something that I think if I put my mind to it, put my big girl pants on, I will be able to do.  (Eeep.  That’s scary!)

Goals are meant to be SMART.  So, let’s look at my goal.


Specific – Why, yes it is.  3:50:00 – that’s it.  Nothing else.

Measurable – Yes.  I need to hit paces.  8:46min/mile.  For 26.2 miles.  How is that even possible?!?!  

Attainable – Yes.  But with work.  I’m not going into my 18 week plan tomorrow.  I’ve got until the end of July before it kicks off.  I have a lot of work to get myself ready, but it can happen.  It will also be on a fast course. The CIM is a crazy net downhill course.

Relevant – This means a lot to me.  I want to sub 4.  I want to get that BQ.  I managed a 18-ish minute PR last year with my CIM, hopefully I can knock 15 minutes off my time with better training.

Timed – December 3, 2017.  That’s the date.  9 months to get it.


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