Hapalua Half Marathon Training Week 8

Another week of running, and another so-so week.  I really do need to work on consistency.  That is definitely my biggest downfall.  But I did get in a quick island hop over to Kauai – so that’s pretty amazing!

Monday, Mar 6th
–  3 mile run, easy pace (10:16min/mile)

Tuesday, Mar 7th
– 3 x 1600m, 400m recovery, with 1 mile warm up and 1.25 mile cool down.
Splits: 8:43, 8:29, 8:21  (walked/jogged recovery)





Wednesday, Mar 8th
– 3 miles, easy pace




Thursday, Mar 9th
– no runnning!  Went to Kauai for the day/night!

Friday, Mar 10th
– Came back from Kauai – no running
– surfed though!

Saturday, Jan 28th
– 3 miles, easy pace – with strides (9:57min/mile)




Sunday, Mar 11th
– no running

Overview:  The week started off perfectly. I managed to get in speed work, which I hate doing.  (But love the feeling after).  Then I went to Kauai, and didn’t manage to get a run in.  Then I got sick!  I managed 3 miles Saturday, I felt good while I was running, but felt crappy after.  Sunday I just didn’t feel that well.  I decided to skip the long run as I really just want to get better.  I’ll fit in a long run as soon as I can.

Total weekly mileage: 15 miles


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