Comparing Yourself

Is it bad to compare yourself?  Not to others, but to yourself?

I keep looking back at what I was running this time two years ago.  I was faster.  Maybe not by much.  It feels like I was way faster.  I was running mid 8 min/miles a lot of times.  I look back at my Garmin stats and compare what I was running then to what I am running now and get a little depressed.  Should I though?

I go back and forth on the matter.  In December 2016 I ran two marathons.  I ran a PR of 4:05 at the CIM, then a week later I ran a sub 5 hour marathon in Honolulu.  Back in 2014 I had run the Honolulu Marathon in 4:28.  That’s 30 mins faster than the Honolulu in 2016, but 23 minutes slower than the CIM.

To the left, February 2017, and to the right, February 2015.  (Wow!  I just realized it’s almost to the day exactly two years apart!)

But then, this is my comment from Instagram, way back from 2015!  I’ve obviously had a great run:


So maybe I’m reading too much into it.  Maybe the stars aligned, and I had the best run of my life for this workout in 2015, and maybe I just wasn’t feeling it a few days ago.  (To be honest, it was hard to get out of the door).

I was definitely running more back during the end of 2014/start of 2015.  Maybe that’s the difference – consistency.  Then I wonder if I’m just running my easy miles at a truly easy pace.  Back then I thought 9 – 9:30min/mile was my easy pace, but I don’t think it was.  I think I was still puffed after those workouts.  I think I even claimed a run under a 9 minute mile an easy run.  But if my half marathon PR is just under a 9 minute mile, I don’t think an easy run should be that fast.  Now I try to focus on running VERY easy, not worrying about my pace.

Maybe I’ve just gotten smarter(-ish) with my training.  (I know I can up my game a whole lot).

Maybe I just need to keep running, not look back at the old times, and just focus on today.  I’ll let my future times let me know how I’m going with my training.

Do you compare yourself with your training?  Have you improved, or stayed the same?


Happy running

x Suzanne



4 thoughts on “Comparing Yourself

  1. thedancingrunner says:

    We all go through ups and downs on this roller coaster of long distance running. Just keep pressing forward, focusing on small goals and achievements. It’s very easy to beat yourself up if you don’t PR a race or what have you. What matters in the end is that you keep moving, keep working on improving and staying healthy. I actually am running stronger now and ever before and I attribute it to experience over the years, just being patient with myself, staying positive and listening to my body.

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  2. ThisGirlRuns says:

    I always look back at what I used to be vs what I am now. What changes have I made? Am I doing things that are better for my body? Am I HAPPIER? I don’t ever beat myself up. I used to run my easy runs WAY to fast. Now I understand how slow they should be and am not scared to see that I ran some slow miles. It doesn’t mean that I am a slow runner (compared to some yes/others no), it just means I am now comfortable with the runner I have become!

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    • brightsuzanne says:

      Good points… I don’t know if I’m happier – definitely not sadder! I guess I shouldn’t beat myself up. I really don’t mind seeing the slow paces on the easy days, what annoys me is that my intervals are slower too. But for me, it’s probably all due to the fact I’m not consistent. Thank you for your input! What you’ve said has got me thinking!

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