I feel like I need a new challenge.  Yes.  I want to beat my PR’s in all distances, but that isn’t enough for me to get out of the door.  I’m just in kind of a running funk at the moment.  In January my husband and I set out to hit our step goal on our Garmin watches every day.  We have our watches set so the goals change depending on how far you walked the previous day.  It was a great way to get up and walk around!  What other small challenges can I do?

My first challenge:

I’ve decided for the last few (five to be exact) days of February to run every morning.  To ease back into morning running I will classify anything before noon the morning.  And they just need to be easy runs, I don’t need to push the pace or try for speed intervals, the goal is to get up and run at least one mile.

Morning one was a success!  Since there was no pressure other than to go out and log a few miles, I managed to do it!  While I was running I thought about how much I like to have distinct goals and challenges.  I love being able to tick things off and see myself achieving something.  Maybe this is why I find training plans so difficult to stick to, if I have a few bad runs, or miss some runs, I decide that I can’t get my goal so I may as well give up, because the end goal is still so far away and I just can’t see it.  Yes, the mental game is tough!

The second challenge:

So, I have my goal to hit until the end of February, now March.  What goal can I have for March?  I was thinking 5 miles a day.  Then I thought, maybe average 5 miles a day – but that would get messy and I’d probably end up at the end of the week (or month!) having to do an extremely long run.  And 5 miles is long.  That’s a lot of time of running for me!   Then I thought, what about 3 miles a day?  That’s not too bad… That isn’t so scary. At least 3 miles a day.  I can break it up, do 2 miles in the morning, a mile in the evening.  I can even walk/run a mile here and there with my dog.

If I can manage 3 miles a day, that will total 93 miles for the month.  If we add in some longer runs here and there I will get over 100 easily.  My half marathon is in April, so I can end my challenge and still have a nice little taper.


I really think the key for me is to try and break down my one big goal (that PR, or the elusive sub 4 hour marathon) and try to achieve smaller goals.  Maybe setting a weekly or monthly challenge and seeing what I can achieve.

Let’s see if I can run the next 4 mornings in a row!


How do you hit your goals?  What works for you?

x Suzanne

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