That Pesky Word: Motivation

How do you get motivated to get up and run, or workout, every day?fullsizerender

Some days it is a huge struggle for me.  Some days, I just want to snuggle in my warm bed.  Some days, I’d much rather take a nap.  Some days, I think, why bother?

I’ve tried placing my alarm in a different room.  I just get up (think zombie-esque) throw it against a wall, and crawl back into bed.
I’ve tried having coffee brewed for me when my alarm goes off.  That worked, maybe one time?
I’ve tried naming my alarm clocks “GO RUN!  SUB 4 HOURS! etc – but who reads that early in the morning?!

So… My top tips to get to it?  Well… Continue on, my friends:

  • img_5356Have a blog, or a training journal.  Seriously, this is a huge help for me.  It is probably the biggest motivation factor.  I love to see it all written down with what I have accomplished.  Just thinking about the fact that I have to right “nothing” is enough to get me out the door for at least one mile!
  • Wear your workout gear.  Yep.  I mean, it looks cute, and if you have bought Lululemon it costs a fortune, so you may as well wear it.  But, if you put it on then you are one step closer to working out.  And hopefully it will guilt you in to it.
  • Make plans for the evening.  Non-workout plans.  My husband is a pilot.  That means he is away a lot.  When he is home, you can bet we will want to go for a walk on the beach, go out for dinner, go to a movie, or just relax at home together.  That means, if I don’t work out in the morning it probably won’t happen for the day.  I don’t want to work out while he does something ‘fun’! Do it while others sleep, they will be none the wiser!
  • Have a training buddy.  This will keep you accountable.  Having someone to meet up with you at 7 in the morning makes it a lot harder to skip out on a workout.  I haven’t had one for years – but when I did, you can bet I had to be there to meet her!

and my favorite, which is different from “Have a training buddy”:

  • Have a rival.  Yes.  I said it.  (And you may be critical of this, I know.. Just beat yourself, you are your own competition, blah blah blah).  I think you need some competition, you need someone you want to beat.  Pick someone, anyone, it can even be someone on Instagram, or that has a blog, that you’ve never even met.  Now this is ‘friendly’ competition.  They never even need to know about it!  That person is just going to unknowingly give you an extra push.  So when you think “I don’t want to run today” think about that person, they will be working hard, so you better be!competition

I hope this helps you out.  I know I will continue to struggle, but hopefully I will get better to stick to my workouts.

Please, let me know in the comments what keeps you motivated, have you tried any of my ways?  I need the tips, so please let me know!

Happy running,

x Suzanne


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