Intervals are scary

I’ve said this before, and I will keep saying it.  Intervals scare me.   Running at a pace faster than easy is scary.  Do they ever not scare you?  If they stop scaring you, does that mean you aren’t trying anymore?   So many questions.

I had 8 x 400m on the cards for Tuesday.  I didn’t really want to run, but thought I needed to do it.  It sounds easy.  I’ve run 12 x 400m before, almost died, but I’ve done it.  I’ve even run 8 x 400m.  I mean, just last week I ran 6 x 5 minutes, which equated to about 6 x 1000m.

But I start worrying that I have to run around an 8 minute mile.  I mean, it’s meant to be my 5k time.  But that 5k was run over 2 years ago (!!)  Probably need to sign up for another one!  

Yes, I over think things.  That’s two miles at a fast pace.  But then I think it over even more.  Pfft, I’ve run 2 miles at an 8 minute mile pace before.  And this time I only need to run a quarter of a mile, then I get a whole quarter of a mile rest!  Easy.

DCIM100GOPRO Processed with Snapseed.Long story short.  Well,  no, it’s really not a long story, this is it:

I had a coffee.

I put on my running clothes.

I ran.

The end.

It really was that easy.  I wanted to take a break at the halfway point, but thought if I take a break I’m going too fast.  I tried to keep it around the 7:55-8:00min/mile pace, but as you can see below I obviously have no idea how fast that is.  I did go too fast, but it’s ok – I didn’t stop, I kept going.  (Well, that’s a lie, I had to stop after the first one to quickly sort out my hair, but that’s ok).  I should probably dial back on my pace, so that is something I will try to work on, because there is no way I could have kept going with more repeats after that last one.


So, they shouldn’t scare me.  But they do.  And I hope they continue to scare me.  Because then, hopefully, I will keep caring and keep wanting to improve.


Happy Running!

x Suzanne

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