Hapalua Half Marathon Training Week 1

So, in all honesty and openness, this happened two weeks ago, and I didn’t upload anything.  I think because it was such a terrible week.  So I’m going to do my best to remember.  It was not a successful week though!

Monday, Jan 16th
–  1 mile run, warm up
–  BBG legs & cardio, week 2
–  1 mile run, cool down

Tuesday, Jan 17th
–  No running!  Injured my toe somehow?!
–  2 mile walk

Wednesday, Jan 18th
–  Nothing!

Thursday, Jan 19th
–  Nothing!

Friday, Jan 20th
–  Don’t judge!  Nothing… again!

Saturday, Jan 21st
–  BBG arms & abs, week 2
–  1 mile run, easy pace

Sunday, Jan 22nd
–  Eep!  Nothing again.

Overview – a terrible start to training!  Monday was looking so promising too!  Oh well, let’s not get caught up in the past.

Total weekly mileage: 3 miles!  (Eeep!)


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