But first, let’s go surf

Surfing trumps everything.DCIM101GOPRO

I didn’t realize that if people don’t surf (or who haven’t spent a lot of time around people that surf) it’s hard for them to realize that surfing always comes first.  I only realised this last year.  A friend was staying with my husband and I, and I can’t remember exactly what he said, but it was enough for me to have to explain exactly that, surfing is first, then all other activities can take place.  It kind of shocked me that this needed to be explained!  I never even thought that it would occur to other people that surfing isn’t a number one priority!

I figure a lot of people that read my blog, or look at my Instagram, may wonder about me and surfing.

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I feel like I need a new challenge.  Yes.  I want to beat my PR’s in all distances, but that isn’t enough for me to get out of the door.  I’m just in kind of a running funk at the moment.  In January my husband and I set out to hit our step goal on our Garmin watches every day.  We have our watches set so the goals change depending on how far you walked the previous day.  It was a great way to get up and walk around!  What other small challenges can I do? Continue reading

Not running

I haven’t run in over a week.  Well, that’s not true.  It will be a week exactly this evening.  Do I mind?  Not really.  I have a half marathon less than two months away.  I know I can complete it.  I don’t think I’ll be getting a PR any time soon.  But I’m trying to embrace the whole ‘not caring’ feeling.

I wrote a blog post on motivation.  I know I can get motivated if I want.  But right now, I don’t really want to be motivated.  If I feel like running, I’ll get to it.  If I don’t, I won’t.  I think I might try to try (!!) harder for my marathon at the end of the year, but I don’t really want to get bogged down right now.


I’m still working out.  I’m still on the 12 week BBG train.  Week 7 is this week!  It’s the downhill slope to the end.  I’m playing tennis, I’m surfing.  I’m definitely not doing nothing.  Maybe I’ll get the drive to go out and run a lot again, and if that happens, I’ll be excited.  At the moment though, I’m not too worried.

That Pesky Word: Motivation

How do you get motivated to get up and run, or workout, every day?fullsizerender

Some days it is a huge struggle for me.  Some days, I just want to snuggle in my warm bed.  Some days, I’d much rather take a nap.  Some days, I think, why bother?

I’ve tried placing my alarm in a different room.  I just get up (think zombie-esque) throw it against a wall, and crawl back into bed.
I’ve tried having coffee brewed for me when my alarm goes off.  That worked, maybe one time?
I’ve tried naming my alarm clocks “GO RUN!  SUB 4 HOURS! etc – but who reads that early in the morning?!

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