Honolulu Marathon 2016

A quick recap of the Honolulu Marathon. 

I was really excited to run this marathon. I had just run the CIM a week before, and didn’t run in the week prior to the marathon. I decided to take my time and try to enjoy the race. The Honolulu Marathon is great for this – there is no time limit! I didn’t have to worry about someone coming up and kicking me off the course.

 The hardest part of this race was getting to the start. I live a good 45 minutes from the starting area, and with a start time of 5 am – well, that means a super early alarm clock! I think I set my alarm at 3:15am, and wanted to leave the house at 3:45am. Ugh. Just writing those times down makes me nauseous. Luckily for me, my husband is my biggest supporter. He woke up with me and drove me to the start line. (Otherwise I would probably would have had to leave my house at 2:45am!). He managed to drop me off within half a mile to the start line. I rocked up at about 4:40am – perfect timing! Enough time to find a port-a-potty and find room in the start line.

The start is a huge mess of people. They have signs for time finishers, but I don’t think anyone takes any notice. Fire works go off at 5am to mark the start – and that is pretty awesome.

When I started I wasn’t sure what I was going to do. I thought I would walk a bit at the 3 mile marker, but that came and went and I kept running. I then decided to run until the 5 mile marker, then walk a bit. That also came and went. I then decided to walk up the hill by Diamond Head – and that I did! I really wanted to save my legs for later in the race.

The race ticked on, and it is pretty boring on the long stretch to Hawaii Kai. Around mile 12 I decided to walk a lot, so I was texting my husband along the way in a way to make sure I stayed walking. When I got to Hawaii Kai I took a few photos and selfies, it was such a pretty morning!

I ran and walked at no particular intervals, and finally got into the 20 + mile markers! It took forever! By mile 21 I knew I could still break 5 hours if I limited my walk breaks, which is what I decided to do. Right around mile 24 I spotted Carissa Moore, (a pro surfer who I may or may not have a girl crush on) she was cheering everyone on, and I ran passed thinking “That’s Carissa Moore – I have one of her boards.. I should probably get a selfie”. So, I turned back and asked for a selfie from her. (I later found out she ran in the last two miles with her fiancé!)

That really gave me a push to finish. I just thought that it is amazing that I could run this race, see pro-surfers cheering from the side. I headed back up Diamond Head and to the finish.

I finished in 4:58:32. Under 5 hours!

I do have mixed feelings about this race. I’m not sure I will run it again. The very early morning start is a huge factor for me. The fact the start and finish are at different areas is a little frustrating – especially since it isn’t a point-to-point course, the difference is just a few miles (but for some reason it just is frustrating!). It is very orientated towards big Japanese corporations, which is fine (and I’m sure that’s why they can do huge discounts for Hawaiian residents) but they did block off most of the area by the finish line – and my husband said there was no one even in those areas cheering people in.

So, who knows if I will run it again. I’m sure if there is a discount I will sign up. And I’m sure if I’ve signed up I will probably have to run it. I think I will need to find a running buddy to join me and just have fun with it. Katie – are you ready for a Hawaii vacaction?!?!


2 thoughts on “Honolulu Marathon 2016

  1. kstewruns says:

    What blows my mind is that you got a killer PR the week before, and still got under 5 hours!!!! I think it’s safe to say your are a fast runner! It sounds like you had a nice and relaxing marathon 🙂 I’m so down to come out and run this with you!! ❤


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