Before and After

Ugh.  This is a not good before and after.  And it’s not of my body.  I’m not sure what to think of all of this.  But, let me write it all down and try to figure it out.

On Sunday I ran the Mizuno Val Nolasco Half Marathon.  It is part of the Race Readiness Series for the Honolulu Marathon.  I really needed an excuse to get out the door and go and run.  I also wanted to add in a few miles to make it to 16 miles.  (Which I ended up doing).

The route was exactly the same as the Hibiscus Half Marathon I completed about a year and a half ago.  This is my second fastest half marathon.  So, I decided to compare the two.  And ugh.  Maybe I shouldn’t have.  I’m now feeling pretty disappointed with myself and pretty darn slow.

So, next to each other, there they are.  And wow – what a differnce.  2015 on the left, and most recently, 2016 on the right.  Over a minute per mile slower.

Ok, but let’s try to put it in perspective.

  • It was my long run.  I wanted to go slow.  I did 0.75miles before, and 2.25 miles after to get to 16 miles for the day.
  • Yep.  That’s it.  Oh wait, maybe I ran a marathon a month before?  Does that still count for anything?

I guess training runs should be slower than race pace.  The Hibiscus Half Marathon (2016) I was training for.  I wanted to PR (which I didn’t).  The half marathon I just completed I wanted to run slow – it was a training run after all.  I could talk the entire way, if I wanted.  Well.  What I don’t say here is that I kind of wanted to give up at mile 11, and walked a little to talk myself to keep going.  However, it was a very easy pace.  And when I saw my watch go into the 9 minute mile range a few times I said, ‘Hold up!  Let’s slow it down a little.’

Though, I am now wondering if running slower is doing me a disservice.  I feel like I cannot get out of this 10min/mile range I’ve put myself in to.  I think I am relying too much on ‘easy’ paced runs, and not focusing enough energy into tempo, race pace, and interval running.  If I look back on what type of running I was doing for the Hibiscus Marathon it was structured with a lot of specific workouts, and not too many easy runs, as well as only running 4 to 5 days per week.  Maybe that’s what I need to do.

But you know what the upside is to all of this?  I went out there and ran 16 miles.  And no matter how fast or slow I think it is, I did it!


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