already planning next year

Yep… I still have two marathons this year, but my thoughts are already on to next year.  I am over running long distances.  I just can’t get the motivation to go out and get it done.  The weather is warm – and I really don’t feel like running for hours in 80F+ temperatures.

So, I’m planning  next year.

I keep saying this, because it is true:

I want to get faster.

I know how.  But I keep signing up for a marathon, then the distance scares me.  Then the speed workouts scare me.  Then I get bored with running.  So, I’ve decided let me just focus on shorter runs – the 5k and 10k distances.  This will allow me to cut back on the miles – not log so many long runs (or the guilty feeling of not logging any!).

I do have a half marathon in April, but that will just be for fun.  I don’t know if I will use a specific training plan for it, or maybe I will find a 5k or 10k plan and just increase the long run each week and keep the other runs the same.

My goal will be to find a 5k and get a PR. That will be the job for next year.  My last PR for a 5k was the start of 2015 at a parkrun event.  I’m going to be back in Australia at the start of next year, so I may do another one, use that as my base and work from there.

But first, let’s get these marathons done!


2 thoughts on “already planning next year

  1. kstewruns says:

    Yessss, I so agree with this! Why do we keep signing up for marathons? I’m kind of dreading the Ironman. I miss the 5ks. I think we used to do them more, and that’s how we got faster. I’m with you on taking a break from long distance!


    • brightsuzanne says:

      I’m so excited about training for shorter races! I’m googling like crazy. I just need to get these marathons finished with! (Less than 4 weeks to go!)

      But your Ironman will be amazing! So excited for that!!!


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