Getting to the California International Marathon

I had a goal for the Portland Marathon.  Run it with an average pace under 10 minute miles.  I’m not sure if I can say I did this.  Officially, I think I am now at 10:04min/mile, but there was the whole error in the course, so that throws everything off.  My watch says 9:55min/mile.

Now I need to focus on my next marathon, the California International Marathon (CIM).  I still want to be under 10 min/miles.  I am going to go big and hope for 9:30.  I was averaging that for quite a few miles of the Portland Marathon.  The big hill where I walked affected my pace a lot.  And also the time were I stopped to walk and had to convince myself to push on.

I’m giving myself two weeks of easy running.  If I don’t run, it’s no big deal.  After Portland my legs weren’t too bad.  They were sore, but I could walk.  I ran a little in the middle of week right after the marathon, and have done a few hikes.  Yesterday I did 3 easy miles, but also added in some segments at a faster pace – nothing too crazy.cimlogo

I’ve created a short training plan, 6 weeks long, to get me to the CIM.   The major workouts include:

  • Two longer distance runs.  Hopefully one 16 miler, and one 16-20 miler.
  • A half marathon (this falls on the day of the 16-20 mile run, so at least I will get in 13.1 miles!)
  • Intervals and hill repeats.  These alternate every other week.
  • A tempo run each week.  I’ve used the last few weeks of the Hanson’s Marathon Method as a guide, however this isn’t set in stone, if I don’t feel good, I won’t run.

My goals:

  • Goal A:  Finish at a 9:30min/mile average pace. Goal time:  4:10:00
  • Goal B:  Finish at/under a 10min/mile pace.  Time: 4:22:00
  • Goal C:  Finish.

Now, I just need my legs to recover and get back into training!

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