Portland Marathon

It’s been a week and a half since I ran the Portland Marathon.  I was meant to update this blog sooner, but you know, life gets in the way.

Wow.  Only a week and a half.  It feels so much longer than that.Processed with Snapseed.

A quick recap:  I had been checking the weather for weeks in advance.  It was looking perfect about a week out – 75F and sunny.  Then it went to 70F and partly cloudy, still perfect.  Then high sixties.  And then low 50s and rainy.  What!?!?!  I was staying at my sister-in-law’s house, which is about 30minutes from Portland.  My husband drove me in, bright and early.  We timed it perfectly – we arrived at 6:30am, parked a couple of blocks away from the starting corals.  When we arrived it was raining a little, but not too bad.

The start felt good.  I loved running in a completely different place.  I didn’t see the first mile marker, which I thought was strange.  Then I thought maybe they don’t put them out for every mile.  I saw the 2 mile marker, but my watch said 2.5.  Hearing other people talk, it seemed their watch read the same.  I figured the mile marker was mis-placed and it would sort itself out over the course.  The first few miles were tough!  Uphill.  Ugh, I was not ready for that.  After mile 4 (or 4.5 on my watch) there was a nice cruising downhill section.  We ran into a train depot/light industrial area, which wasn’t the prettiest, but it was nice an flat.  Around miles 14-15 the rain started getting really heavy.  I was questioning why am I doing this.  I actually stopped and walked a little.  I was’t sure that I could do this.  Then I remembered I had run 16 miles during training, and let’s just run to 16, and the last 10 miles I can do walk/run if I want.

img_7380Right at mile 15 the long hill heading up to St Johns Bridge started.  That was a killer.  I decided to walk some and then run some.  It was brutal and long!  Once I got on to the bridge I felt good.  I decided that I could keep running, and I continued to keep running until I finished the race.  I was a little disheartened when my watch said 26.2 miles and the end was nowhere in sight.  Finally, at 27 miles (according to my watch) I came up to the finish line.

The goodies at the end were amazing!!  The medal, the rose, the coin, the pendant, a tree(!!!), chocolate milk, candy, bananas (of course).  I hobbled away from the area and tried to find my husband.  After the adrenaline of finishing wore off I got super cold, and it kept drizzling.  I would have liked the weather to be nice so we could go and explore downtown Portland a little, and find a nice place to eat.  But instead, I was eager just to get back to the house I was staying in.  Luckily I had packed dry clothes and a towel for the ride home!

Official Time: 4:28:49
Watch mileage: 27.14 miles

I got back to the house, and was still unsure on what had happened for me to run over 27 miles.  I am used to running over, that’s generally normal.  But almost a mile over?  That’s just a little crazy.  I went online, and nothing was on the Portland Marathon website, but a lot of other runners were talking about it on social media.

It has since come out that runners from coral C and onwards ran an extra 10 blocks, which they calculated as about half a mile.  I put in to have my results changed, and I’m not sure how they figured it out, but they did adjust my time.

New Official Time: 4:23:42

So before, if I used my first official time I missed out on a PR by a few seconds, but with my new official time I have a PR of around 5 minutes.  But I feel like I didn’t actually get a PR.  I didn’t run the course faster than I have run previous marathon courses.  If I wasn’t running any more marathons this year I would probably be extremely disappointed by this.  Luckily though, I am running two more, and now have a chance to prove to myself I can run faster.

One thing I now know – I can call myself an ultra-marathoner!!

2 thoughts on “Portland Marathon

  1. kstewruns says:

    Omg!! Almost a full mile! That’s crazy. I know I count on those mile markers and depend on my watch to really push myself. You should be proud of a 4:23 time!! That’s insane. I know you are going to BQ within the next year or so. So proud of my Suzane!

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