Yoga streak continued


I figured I should write a couple of lines every so often about my yoga streak, otherwise I will forget what day I’m on.  I’ll write in my blog every day, and then try to upload every week.  Let’s see how that goes!!

Day 6 – I did a small stretch/yoga sequence after my run.  Then I made up my own routine just before bed.  Nothing intense, just a few nice moves to work out my sore legs and lower back.  It feels so good to do right before bedtime. 9/22/2016

Day 7 – one week!  And I almost forgot!  I was in bed, and realised – oh no!  I haven’t done yoga today!  I would have jumped out, and pulled out my ant, but I have a friend crashing on our couch – and we live in pretty much a studio apartment, so there is no room.  So, I googled ‘yoga in bed’ and pulled up a 10 minute routine.  It felt so good!  I loved it!  I might even try incorporating it in more nights. 9/23/2016

Day 8 – Very easy today, just did a few sun salutions from #letsstartyoga ebook. 9/24/2016


Day 9 – Pretty much the same as yesterday, just using the #letsstartyoga ebook, and incorporating some other poses.  9/25/2016

Day 10 – After my run I used Yoga by Adriene’s video ‘Yoga for Runners – Cool Down Sequence’, plus a few other stretches.  Hopefully I’ll do a few more this evening and work on my King Pigeon Pose a little more. 9/26/2016

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