yoga streaking

I thought I better give a little update on how my yoga streak is going.  And it is going well!

Day 1:  I spent a lot of time researching yoga.  Looking up what I want to achieve, and how to get there.  I downloaded a couple of ebooks, Jessica Aolie’s #letsstartyoga and Morgan De Young’s Ab’Asanas.

screen-shot-2016-09-20-at-7-37-47-am screen-shot-2016-09-20-at-7-37-23-am

I decided I need a couple of goals.  Vague goals of getting faster, or sustaining my surfing life, was not going to cut it.  I want goals that I can see.   I decided that one will be the King Pigeon pose.

I eased into my yoga streak of watching (and completing) this Yoga with Adriene Hip Opener video.  (Do they call them videos?  I have no idea!)


Day 2: I kept up my yoga streak.  I completed a few stretches, watched a YouTube video of Yoga with Adriene – Yoga For Tired Legs.  I then went into trying the pigeon pose and king pigeon.


I’m hoping to see progress one day!


Day 3: Looked for more videos.  I have to say, YouTube is amazing.  Now, I know a class with an instructor helping would be a lot better, but for those with no money, the internet is wonderful!  So many yoga videos right at your finger tips.  I stumbled across Boho Beautiful, and did an Easy Yoga for Beginners video.

Right now I am trying to keep all my yoga to stretching and relaxing.  I have a few marathons coming up, so I’m trying not to try anything too crazy before they are done.


Day 4: I wasn’t feeling the best.  Tired and lethargic.  I did a few stretches earlier in the day, but I ended it with a bedtime yoga session.  I felt so good after this!  It was amazing – ready for bed!

Day 5. I woke up feeling like I needed to stretch.  So I put on this YouTube video.

I also did a few sequences from the ebook, #letsstartyoga to help me with my king pigeon pose…. And of course, the lovely headstand.


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