Highest mileage week

Well, I’m pretty sure it is.  Last week was 50 miles!  I’ve never run that much in a week before!  Well, maybe during the Dopey Challenge, but that doesn’t count – and it was BG – Before Garmin πŸ˜‚

I had no idea I was even close.  My key workouts were a 2 x 3 mile run and a 10 mile tempo.  Add those with my 16 mile long run and a few easy runs, and boom.  50 miles.  It works out pretty perfectly too, as now I am into the final 3 weeks of marathon training.

Let’s talk about that 16 miler though.  That was tough.  I still can’t believe I stuck with it.  I wanted to give up so may times.  It was so hot.  I was so over it.  I even came home at mile 8, stood in front of the air conditioner, had cold water, and then decided to keep going.  And even then I kept wanting to give up.  Every step was a struggle between wanting to quit and whether I would really want to try again at a long run in the morning.

My legs actually didn’t feel too bad during the run, it was all in my head.  I pushed through and got it done.  I didn’t look at my Garmin once, I didn’t care what my pace was.  And on the note of pace, how the hell can some people add in ‘race pace’ miles!?! My legs just won’t go any faster.  There is no way I could get them to.

My long run splits:


Today I decided to have a rest.  I didn’t feel too good.  I did get to go for a surf and complete day 4 of my yoga streak.  No running, but I did go for a nice evening walk with the pup.  Back on the running game tomorrow.


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