wannabe yogi

I keep trying to get into yoga.  I love the look of it.  I love the feeling after you complete it.  But I can never stick with it.  I can’t afford classes, and I always seem to do it for a few days, then forget about it.  Hopefully this will change.kitten

I’m going on a yoga streak.  And there are a few reasons: I’ve decided I want to get bendy.  I have also heard rumors it will make you faster (as a runner).  It will help me as a surfer.  So,  I am adding an alarm to my watch and phone.  Every day I am going to do something.  Whether it is 5 minutes, or 1 hour, I will pull out my mat and stretch.  I’m not sure if I will keep up on it, only time will tell.

I’m not going to wait for the first of the month.  Not even a Monday.  It will start today: September 16, 2016.  Let’s see how well this goes.

Anyone want to join me?  I might need some motivation and accountability!


4 thoughts on “wannabe yogi

    • brightsuzanne says:

      Yes!!!! You are the one person that can keep me accountable! I was thinking of maybe trying to post a picture to the Instagram after each session… But then is it worth it for only a 5 minute one? And can I be bothered with that?


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