Am I Ready?

I have a love/hate relationship with Instagram.  I love that it can be so motivating, I love the pretty pictures.  I hate the fact that you compare yourself with EVERYONE.  I have serious doubts about my upcoming marathons.  I mean, I have Portland that is 24 days away.  What the…?  How did that happen?!

So, I’m sitting here comparing myself to everyone else that will be running on that day.  (Chicago happens to be on the same day).  I see that to date I have only run one 15  and one 16 mile run.  (This weekend I am to run 18 miles, then on to the taper.)  I feel that I haven’t been able to follow a good training plan as I have literally been all over the place with this cycle.  I feel that I should have done more.  More speed work.  More tempos.  More hills. More long runs. More everything.

I’ve been lazy.  I haven’t committed like I should have.  I get into a rutt, and then I don’t want to keep going.  Then I try and pull myself out of it.  It’s been tough.  Now I am looking at everyone else that doesn’t seem to have had an off day.  Or week.  They are running strong.  And here I am.  Sitting in Struggle-ville.

To help me with this, let’s work through it together.  I know I have put in a few quality workouts this past 12 or so weeks.  So, from now (mid September) and going back all the way to the start of July, let’s have a look at the workouts I’ve completed.

Sept 9:  9 mile tempo
Sept 6:  3 x 2 miles
Aug 30:  Hill repeats
Aug 28: 16 mile long run
Aug 16: 4 x 1 mile
Aug 10: 3 x 1600m
Aug 7:  15 mile long run
Aug 5:  8 mile tempo
Aug 3:  Ladder Interval
Jul 17:  12 mile long run
Jul 15:  5 mile tempo
Jul 13:  5 x 1000m
Jul 7:   6 x 800m
Jul 2:  10k race

This still doesn’t make me feel much better.  I could have done more.  But I guess I have to deal with the fact that I haven’t.

I am not sure the best way to go about this is.  Maybe this:

  • Portland, take in the race – have fun.  Don’t worry about pace, just get in the miles.
  • Recover, as quickly as possible!
  • Run the California International Marathon.  Try to aim for a PR.  (But that may depend on how well I have recovered from PDX).
  • Honolulu – have fun!  It’s a week after the CIM, so just enjoy the course and take plenty of walk breaks.

Any advice?  I’d love to hear some!


4 thoughts on “Am I Ready?

  1. kstewruns says:

    I don’t think there ever comes a time when we know if we are ready. Even if you did every training run according to your plan, race day situations are so unpredictable. The weather could be terrible, you could wake up with a cold, so many things! I think the biggest thing you have to remember is that you’ve done multiple marathons, and you’ve finished every single one of them. You have 3 chances to do get a PR before the year is over. And even if you don’t, you have all next year 🙂 You are way too determined to DNF. Trust yourself. And I agree about Instagram. I sometimes really want to delete mine! It makes me feel worse about myself seeing (not just running post) but everyone getting married and blah blah blah. As long as we are doing the best we can, I think we have won regardless 🙂

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  2. 50in50marathonquest says:

    I’ve ran a total of 10 marathons and don’t think I’ve ever been “ready” for any of them! But, I’m pretty sure I enjoyed most of them…I ran Chicago last year and missed a couple of key runs due to just life stuff and a crazy hot summer in the Pacific Northwest but left with a new PR. I’ve also had great training cycles and came away from the race missing my goals. So much can happen over 26.2 miles but it sounds like you’ve done this before and are in great shape. Just go out and see what happens…chances are you’ll enjoy the event and have a great time and if you don’t PR it’s not like you won’t get another chance – I’ve had to tell myself that after every race this year!! Best of luck in Portland!

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