2 x 3 miles

I have said this before, and I’m sure I will say it again.  Intervals scare me.  Tempo runs scare me.  In fact, any run where I have to hit certain paces scare me.  I like to run slowly and not worry about pace.  That way I don’t have to be disappointed when I don’t hit the mark.

I went out with the goal of 2 x 3 miles.  My new goal pace is 9:30min/mile, and so this workout I should be running each 3 miles with an average pace of 9:20min/mile. (This is according the the Hansons Marathon Method, which I am very loosely following).

I warmed up for 1 mile, did a couple of dynamic stretches – literally a couple, it’s really not worth me even mentioning it.  I really need to work on that.  I then went straight into it, and obviously a little too fast at the start as I was nervous.  I was running around an 8:30 pace.  I slowed down, and felt pretty good at around a 9:04 pace for awhile.  I decided about halfway through the first interval that I should keep this pace going.  Try to hit the 9:00min/mile target.  That’s eventually what I will want with my future sub 4 hour goal.

I recovered for half a mile, walked about 30-45seconds, stopped to take a few pics for the old Instagram. And then went right back into the second interval.  This one I was going to be ok with going a little slower as I had turned around and was running into the wind.  Well, I told myself I would be ok with it, but you know, we all lie to ourselves.

The first two miles felt good, I think I was around an average of 9:01min/mile for those 2 miles. For the third my legs were feeling it a little.  I pushed on.  I was halfway through the last mile and thought about giving up.  Then I thought about learning to deal with how uncomfortable it is.  I then pushed harder.  I did it.  I completed the 3 miles, and well under my goal pace.  I recovered for half a mile, then ran slowly for a cool down of 1 mile to get me back home.

My splits, which I am extremely happy with:

This run has given me some hope! My tempo run this week will be 10 miles.  I am still going to run it at my new goal pace of 9:30min/mile, but I will see how I feel around the 7 mile mark, maybe I can bring it down to 9:09 for the last 2 to 3 miles. ☺️

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