What have I been running?

This training cycle has been absolutely ridiculous.  I’ve been all over the place.  Literally.  I’ve run in London, Paris, Florida, California, and of course my home town in Hawaii.   Because I have been all over, it has been extremely difficult to keep up with my blog.  Instagram is fantastic, because I can at least record my runs there.  Though, I started this blog to keep track of my workouts, and to have a record of how I went from a slow runner to a (hopefully) much faster runner.

It would be too time consuming for me to enter in all of the runs I’ve done, and also, I am way to lazy to bother with that.  Instead, here are some of my key workouts/runs so far in my training cycle.

3 x 1600m

This was my last ‘speed’ session of my training cycle.  After this it will be ‘strength’ sessions.  This was run on the treadmill, and I felt so good running it.  I recovered in-between with 800m at an easy pace.  It kind of feels like cheating being on the treadmill, however it is so hard on the mind that I think that it evens itself out.  My splits:

img_5913 These aren’t exactly accurate.  My fast speeds on the treadmill were around the 8:06min/mile (I did fasten it towards the end on the middle, and the last I sped it up to 7:30min/mile for the last 0.25).  My recovery and warm up/cool down I am sure are much slower than listed above.


Long Run – on the treadmill!

Wow – this was so tough.  15 miles is hard enough, but put yourself on a treadmill and have to do it?  I wanted to give up, but pushed through.  I watched tv and listened to music.  I’m definitely excited for my future long runs to be outside.

Tempo Run – on the treadmill

This run was scheduled to be 8 miles, with a warm up and cool down.  I didn’t think I could do 8 miles, so I was going to be ok with 6.  Once I started running I thought, no, I can do 8.  So I went out there and got it done!  Again, on the treadmill – so it was pretty mind numbing.  I warmed up for a mile, then ran 8 miles at a pace of 9:05min/mile (on the treadmill).  Now, my watch wasn’t saying the same time, so I decided to focus on miles on the watch and pace on the treadmill – this meant the treadmill said I actually ran longer than what my watch said.  I’m pretty happy with this, as even if my average pace is what I end up running for the marathon, it will be a huge PR.

img_5523Ladder Workout – on the treadmill

This one was tough!  The ladder: 400m, 800m, 1200m, 1600m, 1200m, 800m, 400m – and 400m recovery between each of those.  This was run at a pace on the treadmill of 8:06-8:13min/mile.  Again, my watch didn’t pick up the correct pace, so I ran for distance on my watch (so I actually ran each repeat longer) and pace on the treadmill.

Long Run

This was a 12 mile run around London.  I was actually kind of excited for this run.  It was a little warm, but I had planned to run around the park of London.  I got to run through Hyde Park and Regent’s Park.  I was extremely pleased with my pace too.

Around by Hyde Park, London.


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