5 Mile Tempo

Ergh.  I did not want to do this run. Naturally, that’s a lie.  I wanted to do this run.  I got dressed, went out, turned on my watch.  I was ready to go.  Then I started running.

Ergh.  My legs.  They just did not want to move.  I thought they will loosen up after my mile warm up.  It’s a mile from my hotel to Regent’s Park, which I absolutely love running around in.  I got to the park and needed to sit down.  My legs were so tired.  I talked myself into trying for a mile at tempo pace.  It was tough.  I wanted to stop.  But I decided to keep going, get that mile in.  Then I thought I would just do a two mile run.  Then I thought of posting that on Instagram, and didn’t like the idea of that.  It needed to be at least 3 miles, my second pace was also too fast, so I thought if I can run that fast I can keep going.  And so I kept going, and decided to run to my starting point in the park.  That third mile was also too fast, so I decided that if I can run faster than my goal I can keep going.  At the 4 mile mark, and I was back at my starting point ready to head back to the hotel I realized that mile was also too fast, so that turned my cool down mile into my fifth tempo mile, and you guessed it, that was waaaay too fast. (I’m going to say that it’s slightly downhill and the wind was at my back).

I am so happy that I kept going.  I pushed aside my inner self doubts that said ‘You can’t do this.  You’re legs are too tired.  You need a rest.’  This is when the training matters.  Do I want to give up during the marathon because In tired? NO! I’m going to keep going, and this is where I learn that lesson!

And my splits:

You can see what I mean about the waaay too fast for my fifth tempo mile!! Where did that come from!?! I still have no idea! 

One thought on “5 Mile Tempo

  1. kstewruns says:

    Those are speedy splits!!! I had to laugh in the beginning because I know how that struggle feels. It’s such a terrible feeling, but you just have to push through it. Although the faster you go, the quicker it’s over! Well done!!!


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