5 x 1000m

I am beyond happy with this run.  I decided to head img_1753to the track.  I had seen one on my long run around Regent’s Park a couple of weeks ago
, and thought I could really do with a track workout.  And no one was around!  I didn’t have to worry about dodging people on sidewalks! 


It was a two mile warm up run to get there.  When I got there a did a couple of drills, but nothing really to write about.  A few high knees and straight leg kicks, then I was ready.  I was just hoping to keep my pace around my 10k mark, maybe a little faster.  I would be happy with 8:30min/mile splits.

Was I pleasantly surprised with my splits?  Yes, yes, I was.  The 4th repeat was tough, and I slowed my pace a little, but kept thinking ‘let’s be comfortable with being uncomfortable’.  The 5th was also tough.  I just pushed through.

My splits:

That’s: 8:02, 7:55, 7:58, 7:47, and 7:53.  I am so happy with this!    And I even managed a 2.5 mile cool down to finish it off!

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