Marathon Training While Working Away

Wow.  It is tough.  I have a training plan written out for me.  I have modified the Hanson’s Marathon Method to attempt to fit in with my hectic work schedule.

I’ve been doing ok.  I’m attempting to get in at least three runs a week – a speed (interval) session, a tempo run, and a long run.  Luckily, right now my long runs don’t top more than 10 miles, which I am able to fit in.  Sleep is a huge priority for me though.  With my job I am on call 24-7, and need to be ‘on show’ for the hours I am with Guests.  One thing I have learnt?

Be flexible with your training.

Last week – week 3 of training – I did miss a tempo run.  I went out thinking I would attempt it in Paris, but it was the afternoon, there were so many people walking around, it was still hot, and my route took me through so many traffic lights.  I decided to go easy, enjoy the sights, and I added a strength session at the hotel gym after.  My longer run was scheduled to be 8 easy paced miles, so I decided to run two miles in the middle at a faster pace, which worked out well.I’m pretty happy with how much I have been running while I away working.  I may be able to do more, but my work is also important to me.  I feel that I am doing a good job at prioritizing and making sure I get quality runs in.

What are my strength training sessions looking like?  Well, to be honest – pretty much all over the place.
– Squats (barbell, bodyweight, jump – everything!)
– Walking lunges
– Weights (lat pulldowns, bicep curls, dumbbell row, deadlifts, etc)
– Abs (crunches, bicycle crunches, planks, etc)

I’m already in week 4 of marathon training, which seems quite crazy!  I only have one more tour to go, then I’ll be heading back home and hopefully get on more of a proper schedule.


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