Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park 10k

Again, it’s been a very long time.  I’m just finishing up week 2 of my marathon training.  I’ve also been away for work while I’ve been training.

I’m a tour guide, and I’m currently guiding 8 day trips of London and Paris.  It sounds like a glamorous job, but it’s tough.  Long days, hardly any time for myself.  But, I do get to see amazing places and share these with people, some who have never even left the US.towerbridgeAnyway,  it’s a struggle to get in my work outs, and even more of a struggle to keep this blog going.  I’ve managed to get a few runs in the past week I’ve been here, in London (and Paris).

My cousin, who lives in the UK, said he was running a 5k race, and said he would love for me to join him.  I couldn’t, as it was on a day I was working, but it got me thinking to look at other races that were in the area.  I found a 10k race series at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.  It was on a day off!  Why not?  I ventured to the Olympic Park, which was fun itself.  I had never been to the area before, so it was completely new – and then to have a a race to compete in was amazing!img_2978

I should use the word ‘compete’ loosely.  I decided that I would use this as a tempo run.  I was scheduled for 5 miles this week, and thought an extra mile wouldn’t hurt, especially as I haven’t been running as many miles during this training schedule.  This meant running at a 9:00-9:09 min/mile pace.  No problem!

I warmed up for a mile – just went super easy, then did a few drills and stretches.  I started the run, and looked at my watch (my lovely new Fenix 3, which is a whole different post itself) and saw that I was running around an 8:30min/mile.  I tried to slow a little, and knew that I was feeling good from the adrenaline of a race (even a small one, that I wasn’t ‘racing’), and the weather being so beautiful and cool.  The first mile clocked in at 8:34min/mile.  I thought, this is too fast and tried to keep my pace slower.  I didn’t see my second split, but saw my current pace was still in under a 9 min/mile.  So, I thought, forget it.  Let’s try for around a 8:45min/mile average.  I felt amazing, the fifth mile was probably the hardest, and then the last 0.2 – as you always try to push (that, and it was uphill a little!).

My splits:


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