5 Mile Tempo

Ergh.  I did not want to do this run. Naturally, that’s a lie.  I wanted to do this run.  I got dressed, went out, turned on my watch.  I was ready to go.  Then I started running. Continue reading


5 x 1000m

I am beyond happy with this run.  I decided to head img_1753to the track.  I had seen one on my long run around Regent’s Park a couple of weeks ago
, and thought I could really do with a track workout.  And no one was around!  I didn’t have to worry about dodging people on sidewalks!  Continue reading

Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park 10k

Again, it’s been a very long time.  I’m just finishing up week 2 of my marathon training.  I’ve also been away for work while I’ve been training.

I’m a tour guide, and I’m currently guiding 8 day trips of London and Paris.  It sounds like a glamorous job, but it’s tough.  Long days, hardly any time for myself.  But, I do get to see amazing places and share these with people, some who have never even left the US. Continue reading