Wednesday Wish List

What do I want this week?!  This could be getting important…. It is my birthday month after all!!  


I can always do with a new surfboard.  I am in love with the one I am surfing at the moment, but it is a pro-surfer’s old board, which means the glass layer on the top is extremely light, and so it gets dinged (dented) pretty quickly.  It does make the board very light (which is good).  It is always good to get the quiver bigger too! (Quiver is the word for a collection of surfboards!)

Injinji Socks

sockHave any of you tried these?  I haven’t, but I have heard some good things about them from people that have.  They are the weird toe-sock type sock.  I wore some of these as a teenager, never to run, just to wear.  They are apparently really good for holding off blisters (and I’m also hoping the dreaded black toenail.  They do look a little odd though!

Road ID

roadidYes, I probably just need to go out and buy one of these.  I haven’t, and I should.  95% of the time I am running by myself, and while I always carry my phone on me I should also wear a Road ID.  They can input any kind of information on the band, and it would be useful to have my husbands contact information incase of the unthinkable were to happen.  Plus, you can now bling them up and put fun ‘badges’ on them.  Yes.  I do need to purchase one.

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