Wednesday Wish List

I had written a couple of Friday Favorites.  But I do believe I have more wishes than I can deal with!  So, I figure I will start a wish list.  I will try to put links, just incase you want to buy me a lovely Wednesday Present!

Let’s go all out for the first one!

Garmin Fenix 3 (in Rose Gold!)pd-05-lg

I am in love with this watch.  I want it so bad. But I do have my trusty Garmin Forerunner 210.  It is hard to say goodbye to this watch, as it works just fine.  The Fenix 3 has so many different activities you can choose from.  I could do my normal running, but it also has snowboarding, swimming, bike riding, and more that can be recorded.  It counts your steps.  With the running activity selected you can make your own workouts, for example, you can program it to do ladder intervals.  It will also let you know if you vary from your set pace.  My poor little Garmin can’t do any of that!

Saucony Kinvara 7

Saucony Kinvara 7

I loooooove Saucony Kinvaras.  With a passion.  I wanted to change brands/models, and I have bought others.  However, I do keep going back to the Kinvaras.  I have had the 4, 5 and 6’s.  I know I will get the 7’s, it is just a matter of time.  (I’m thinking by mid-August I will get them).  It is awesome that the previous models get cheaper when they release the latest version, so it is always good to stock up when the price goes down!!

Why do I love them?  They are super light-weight.  They work for 5km all the way to marathons.  I never need to really break them in.  I mean, I probably wouldn’t go and run a marathon right away, but I can do an 8 mile run in them straight out of the box.  (Or at least the ones I’ve bought so far!)

Lululemon Speed Shorts

Yes, this was in my favorites too.  But I figure you can never have too many.  And Lululemon like to bring out pretty new colors all the time.  (Though, I really want another pair img_3398of just black)  I would wear these shorts for every single run if I could.  And I almost do, laziness does stop me from time to time, and I wait for my laundry to pile up and I go through all my other running outfits before I wash them….. These shorts are simply amazing.  They have a zippered back pocket for your cards or money, then front inside pockets where you can store gels, or a house or car key.  But mostly, they feel like you are running naked.  I remember not wanting to speed the 50-odd dollars on a pair of shorts, but then I ran a marathon and decided to treat myself to an outfit from Lululemon, my friend told me about these shorts so I tried them.  O. M. Goodness.  It was love at first run.  I had to keep looking down to make sure I was wearing shorts!  Do yourself a favor, treat yourself to a pair!  (3+ years later and I still run in my original pair, so the quality is pretty amazing too!)

Do you own any of the above??  What’s on your wish list?

4 thoughts on “Wednesday Wish List

    • brightsuzanne says:

      They are so worth it, especially the shorts!!! Watch for the sales in store too, sometimes you can find good deals on their clearance racks…. That’s mostly where I shop, unless I get that birthday gift card!! 😂

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