Weekly Recap (18th – 24th Apr)

This week was fantastic!  It was all about taking it easy, as I’ve been sick and have not been running much over the last few weeks.  I did run a half marathon and the Ragnar Relay, however before and after both of those I wasn’t doing much.  Now I am on a mission!

Get Strong, get fit and get fast!

2 miles, easy pace.  My garmin freaked out, so I don’t know the exact splits.  Let’s call in a 9:50min/mile.
Morning surf

3 miles, went into this not sure what I wanted to do, ended up with a progression run.   Average pace: 9:27min/mile (Splits: 9:39, 9:31, 9:11)
Strength training

4.5 miles, easy pace.  Average pace: 9:34min/mile. (Splits: 9:30, 9:32, 9:31, 9:49, 9:23)

5 miles, easy pace.  Average pace: : 9:46min/mile. (Splits: 9:52, 9:57, 10:00, 9:40, 9:23)
Strength training



Afternoon surf
4 miles.  2 middle miles at a faster pace.  Average pace: 9:04min/mile. (Splits: 9:48, 8:46, 8:20, 9:19)
8 miles, easy pace. Average pace: 9:53min/mile.  (Splits: 9:56, 9:56, 9:50, 9:53, 10:06, 10:12, 9:43, 9:30)

Total Weekly Miles: 26.5 miles


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